Jackson Galaxy Weight Loss Surgery Before After 2023

Jackson Galaxy weight loss transformation surprised his fans. Jackson has been combating his weight since he was ten years old. He had lost weight significantly. Fans are inquiring about Jackson’s weight decrease.

Cat lovers have probably been familiar with Jackson Galaxy. He is famous for appearing on Animal Planet’s program, “My cat from hell”. The Cat Daddy has been through a lot in his life as a pet consultant and YouTuber. However, the most challenging part for Galaxy has been their weight.

Jackson’s current weight is generally around 190 pounds, after fighting with weight for over two years. It’s not easy to get from 400 to 190 pounds, but Jackson did it.

Jackson Galaxy Weight Loss

The Journey of Jackson Galaxy Weight Loss

As previously said, Jackson struggled with weight since their childhood. Jackson Galaxy grew to be 400 pounds at one point in his life! This had been a fatal experience. Doctors advised Jackson to do one thing. He was advised to lose weight right away. He couldn’t find any other quick options, so he decided to get weight loss surgery.

In 2007, he underwent gastric bypass surgery, which helped him lose 150 pounds. However, things began to go wrong shortly after Jackson’s operation. His weight increased by 300 pounds during the course of a year. Jackson had once again been fighting their weight.

He had been particularly unlucky at this time since nothing seemed to be working. However, when he married Minoo Rihbar in 2014, she showed the trail to Jackson and helped him get back into shape.

Jackson Galaxy Weight Gain

There were several factors behind Jackson Galaxy’s excessive weight. The main reason Jackson had been fighting their weight was because of their unhealthy habits. He enjoyed smoking and consuming cigarettes. Both techniques have a very high risk of causing weight gain in a very unhealthy condition.

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Jackson also struggled with addiction. He was addicted to food. Jackson would frequently overeat, acquiring a lot of weight as a result. He stopped smoking and eating after their weight-loss operation, yet he continued to gain weight.

That was because he was still ingesting a lot of harmful stuff. Jackson had a thing for fast food which was now a serious threat to Jackson’s health. But everything changed once he married Rihbar.

Jackson Galaxy with His Wife

Being a Vegan

Jackson discussed how he dropped weight and transitioned from a fast-food enthusiast to a vegan in an interview with Lite FM. Galaxy responded to the interviewer’s question on how he lose so much weight.
“First and foremost, work a lot, be active. We work a lot, and when you’re that active, it may really help.” Jackson continued.

The biggest reason, though, is because I turned Vegan. When I went vegan, it slipped off. I don’t work out a lot since my job is enough.” He added, “My wife is also a vegan, therefore she was the major motivation behind my decision to being vegan.”


Lesson learned from Jackson Galaxy weight loss is that support from a closed person is very important. You may have a loved one or friend who is trying to lose weight, and you can learn from how Rihbar supports Jackson.

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