Katie McGowan Weight Loss 2023 (Ink Master)

People can always take Katie McGowan weight loss story as an example. The lady isn’t only gaining popularity because of her tattooing talent, but also because of her drastic weight loss success.

She is one of those weight loss examples where she got a realization that her weight affected her health and then she made a decision to change it.

Katie McGowan Weight Loss

Katie McGowan Weight Loss Story

Katie McGowan started her career as a tattoo artist and then hit fame when she made it into a Reality TV show. She was busy with her career, but made poor decision about her consumption.

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She often spent late night moments binging and gulping down unhealthy foods, and it just hit her one day. She realized that she lived a very unhealthy life, so she wanted to make a change of it.

Her Food Management

Katie realized that she would consume anything among her busy schedules just to ‘fill up the tank’. She didn’t think about healthy food. She didn’t think about veggies or fruits. She chose the easy options: greasy fries, fat packed burgers or processed foods, and foods filled with sugars.

She decided that she wanted to change. It wasn’t easy because she had always turned to food as her support system. But she realized that she could choose the healthy options.

Plus, she also loves to cook, which allows her to make healthier options with the meal ingredients of her choice. So, instead of turning to processed foods and greasy options, she chooses natural and organic foods. Because of her passion to cooking, she can also cooks up her own meal – and the healthier one.

Basically, Katie chooses more protein and less sugar. She also becomes aware of calorie intake and food management. She doesn’t put food into her mouth just for the sake of being comfortable.


Katie doesn’t only rely on calorie intake and healthier consumption, but she also works out to help her achieve better success. She has a regular exercise time around three times in a week where she would spend around an hour to work out.

For her, working out isn’t only a means to lose weight, but it is the motivation to keep herself healthier. Whenever she works out, she feels better. Not only she feels energized, but she also feels motivated. It motivates her to stay on the track; to manager her consumption better and not to give up easily.

Katie McGowan Ink Master Weight Loss

Katie McGowan Weight Loss Before After

It’s unclear of how much weight she had or how much she weighs now. There is only one information about 75 kilograms, but it’s unclear whether it’s her weight before or it’s her current weight.

But it’s obvious that she had lost a significant amount of weight, which can obviously see from her pictures. Try comparing her before and after pictures, and you get the idea.


Katie isn’t only successful in her career, but also in managing her own health – and weight. She shows us that taking control of your life is possible, and even doable.

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When you are able to combine physical exercise and healthier calorie intake, you will be able to enjoy fruitful outcome. Katie McGowan weight loss story is one of those marvelous examples.

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