Nikki Duval Weight Loss 2023 (Rosie Workin’ Moms)

Here’s Nikki Duval weight loss. How about the operation? How did Nikki get rid of the fat from her belly? How does Nikki Duval manage her diet? Nikki Duval is an assistant director and actress who has starred in great films. Among Niki’s works are Strays (2021), New Eden (2020), and Workin’ Mom’s (2017).

Niki is a woman who was born and raised in Winnipeg, near the Red River and Assiniboine. Niki completed her undergraduate studies at the University of Winnipeg with a Bachelor of Arts in the Acting Honors Program.

In this lecture, Niki finally learned about Shakespeare Intensive and Contemporary at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. After that, Niki also attended the Canadian National Theater School and decided to move to Montreal.

Nikki Duval Weight Loss

Nikki Duval and Workin’ Moms

Who doesn’t know this Canadian sitcom called Workin Mom? Nikki Duval was part of the sitcom and played Rosie Phillips. This sitcom series Workin Mom tells about the struggles of a mother who also works. She tries to handle all the housework and his work. This sitcom is set in Working Mom, wrapped in a typical comedy of mothers.

In addition, several characters, such as Val, the leader of the Mommy and Me group, and Rosie, the semi-obsessive sweet assistant, played by Nikki Duval. This article will discuss Rosie the Working Mom’s weight loss journey.

After graduating from Theater School, Nikki moved to Toronto and started her acting career in several films. Such as Hyena Road, The Novice, The Broken Hearts Gallery, Imposters, Tallboys, Earp, Wynonna, and many more.

But of all the films and series she played, Nikki became famous because of her role as Rosie in the Sitcom Workin’ Moms. That’s when the rumors of Nikki Duval weight loss became public.

Nikki Duval Weight Loss Journey

Nikki was last seen as a chubby figure in 2020. Then after that, she suddenly looked a lot thinner. So, what happened to Nikki? Many suspects that Nikki Duval weight loss is due to illness or the demands of her job in the entertainment world. How does society look at beauty as a patent social standard?

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Beauty is thin. That’s the opinion that makes Nikki able to lose weight too. Because Nikki also became a famous person, she was in the spotlight. In addition to the excess talent she has, of course, there is hatred that accompanies it. For example, Nikki’s appearance or body at that time was overweight.

Body shaming is not made up if someone feels they must fight for their body image. Or she feels inferior because she weighs more. Although this is a possibility, it does not rule out that Nikki has now managed to lose weight. Nikki’s presence in the sitcom Workin’ Mom’s only triggered rumors after Nikki looked different in the circulating photos.

Nikki might be losing weight gradually, but no one notices it. Then when someone saw and compared Nikki’s photos, they realized it. Nikki herself also initially did not want to talk about her weight loss. So, netizens believe that Nikki, who looks slim, is just a camera trick.

However, as time passed, she was no longer silent about it. Nikki also insists that her weight loss is accurate and that she has made it her mission to help other women by giving them the motivation to lose weight.

In addition, on a page titled Faster Way to Fat Loss, Nikki also shares her experience with her weight loss journey. Nikki also became quite enthusiastic about helping them, changing their mindset, and being sincere in living the life God wanted them to.

No one knows when the cast of Rosie or Nikki Duval started planning to lose weight. Will she be last seen having a curvy body sometime in 2020. Nikki also created a Facebook page about quick ways to lose weight. As she says, Nikki wants to help and motivate women if they lose weight.

On her Facebook page, Nikki also explained that she was very enthusiastic about helping. As is the case in health control, changing mindsets, and the journey to choose the life that God wants.

This red-haired Canadian actress is also known all over the world for her exceptional acting talent. In addition to playing serials and sitcoms, Nikki proved she is a great entertainer because she received an award for her role in the film Thrill Ride (2021).

Did Nikki Have Weight Loss Surgery?

No one knows how many kilograms of weight Nikki lost from her body. However, we can assume from the photos that Nikki has lost around 12 – 15 Kg in weight. So far, regarding weight loss surgery, Nikki has not confirmed for sure. However, Nikki’s efforts to lose weight are commendable.

Nikki has tried her best to lose weight and is committed to success. It is information about Nikki Duval weight loss. I hope it inspires you!

Rosie Workin Moms Weight Loss

Before After Bariatric Surgery

No one knows for sure that Nikki underwent Bariatric surgery. However, many people think that Niki’s current weight loss is because she has experienced the operation. Bariatric surgery is an operation that aims to reduce body weight, to remove fat in the abdomen and also its size.

Rosie, aka Nikki, is rumored to have had bariatric surgery since 2020. Nikki then started her path to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle. In addition, Nikki Duval weight loss is also considered a way to love oneself and a true self-discovery. A package of positive vibes, right?


Rosie Philips mother in the Workin’ Moms series does have her way of losing weight. It has been the subject of discussion on various occasions. Then how many kilograms of weight has Mrs. Rosie trimmed?

According to several sources, Rosie has lost about 25 pounds or 12 Kg. However, this news is uncertain because Nikki has not yet clarified it. So, Rosie Workin Mom Weight Loss Journey is still a mystery. How did Rosie lose weight? How did Rosie become what she is now? It is still a secret.

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However, don’t let that make you lazy to adopt a healthy lifestyle and try to keep your ideal body. Don’t forget to care for your body and mind for better health.

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