Eleanor Neale Weight Loss Transformation, Before After 2023

Eleanor Neale weight loss stunned her audience since it was so severe that it was difficult to ignore. Eleanor Neale is a British YouTuber who has gained a lot of followers and recognition worldwide via her cosmetic tutorials and vlogs on her self-titled channel.

Eleanor has remained silent about her weight reduction thus far, but because it was not progressive, the YouTuber’s admirers assume weight loss surgery.

Who is Eleanor Neale

The popularity of Eleanor Neale began when she became a Youtuber in 2016, she often upload videos about mystery and makeup. Up to now, her subscribers on Youtube reached more than 2.4 millions subscribers. And her videos has been watching more than 360 millions views.

Eleanor Neale was born in England on 24 January 1999, she is currently 23 years old. Even though she is still very young, but she is very talented girl. She is very active in Internet such as in Youtube Twitter, Instagram and TikTok. Recently, many of her fans noticed that Eleanor Neale had some of changes on her weight.

Eleanor Neale Weight Loss

Eleanor Neale Weight Loss Before After

When watching Eleanor Neale’s latest videos, viewers can’t help but notice a shift in her looks. It’s her tremendous and far too visible and noticeable weight loss. If you’re just starting to watch her stuff, you might be surprised to learn that she used to be a bit heavier, not what society considers a healthier, chubbier, and curvier female.

But it’s more like she was overweight. She was well aware of this. Anyway, she seemed unconcerned about it. It didn’t appear that she was worried by her weight, which is pleasant but rare, especially given that most fat women appear to be highly self-conscious and have low self-esteem since society has dictated that slender bodies are the benchmark of attractiveness.

So, you can understand the fans’ surprise and perplexity when they saw a sudden and severe shift in her weight. Her weight decrease surprised everyone, especially because such drastic weight loss cannot happen overnight.

Based on several sources, Eleanor Neale used to have weight 85 kilograms, but recently her weight is around 60 kilograms. So, Eleanor Neale lost around 20 kilograms just for short period. Then, many of people speculate that she has surgery procedure to lose weight.

Eleanor Neale has always focused only on cosmetics and real crime stories. And, because she had never talked or communicated anything about her weight or whether she intended or was attempting to lose weight, her weight reduction has gotten extra attention from her admirers.

On her twitter, she ever posted related about her weight. She said that many of people said that Eleanor Neale is a fat person. But she answer it that it is her concept of her works as a content creator.

Eleanor Neale Weight Loss Before After

Eleanor Neale Weight loss Surgery

Her weight loss did not appear to be the result of following fitness regimens and making adjustment to her food and activity habits. It seemed as if she was overweight in one video and not in the next. She had lost all of her weight in one go. Similarly, there has been little talk on her social media regarding her food and training routine.

As a result, many of her followers concluded that Eleanor Neale had had weight loss surgery. She has yet to reveal whether or not she underwent weight loss surgery. So far, she has made no statements or references to her weight loss.

Weight loss surgery, as is well known, can produce immediate results. After having weight reduction surgery, you should be able to leave the hospital within 1 to 3 days. After 4 to 6 weeks, you will be ready to resume your daily activities. Of course, to make the most of your surgery, you’ll need to adopt long-term lifestyle changes.


Even though fans are still curious about the sudden change of Eleanor Neale weight loss, they keep giving support to the British YouTuber. Eleanor appears unconcerned about her admirers’ curiosity.

She continues to share content linked to her fascination for true crime and unsolved murder mysteries, and she has found her place in the realm of influencer marketing.


Eleanor Neale is a British YouTuber who gained fame for creating videos on a variety of topics, including crime, makeup, and vlogging. She was born on January 24, 1999, making her currently 24 years old.

Did Eleanor Neale Lose Weight

– Yes, she did, she lost around 20 kilograms of weight.

Eleanor Neale Age

– She was born in 1999, so she is currently 23 years old.

Where is Eleanor Neale From

-She is from England.

What does Eleanor Neale do?

YouTuber Eleanor Neale is known for her true crime content, where she covers infamous serial killers and gruesome murders. This has led to her gaining over 131 million views on her channel. She recently appeared on the podcast “The Love/Hate Club” to discuss her growth as a true crime investigator and her early days on YouTube as a makeup artist.

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