Beanie Sigel Weight Loss Befor After Transformation 2023, Is He Sick?

The Beanie Sigel weight loss case is an example that people are often faced with threatening condition before they had a realization about her life.

He had to deal with a life threatening condition where he thought he wouldn’t make it. When he made it, he realized that it was his second chance, and he wanted to make the best out of it.

Who is Beanie Sigel

His birth name is Dwight Equan Grant but he used stage name as Beanie Sigel. He is famous American rapper who was born in Pennsylvania on 6 March 1974. He started his music career in early 2000 by released his debut album entitled The Truth.

His debut album was quite successful in the market, it sold more than 150.000 copies. Recently, public shocked by Beanie Sigel drastic weight loss appearance, then they wonder what are the causes.

Beanie Sigel Weight Loss

Why Beanie Sigel Weight Loss Happened?

Beanie might not have had the idea to start his weight loss journey if not for one of his lungs being removed to save his life. Beanie was a rapper who had got into trouble and legal issues in the past.

He was one of the collateral damages of a hit and run shooting in Pleasantville, New Jersey. In his critical situation, doctor had to remove one of his lungs so he could stay alive. Beanie survived the condition, but then had a moment of realization.

Because of his condition after the surgery, his voice somewhat changes. Not only he needs to adapt to it, but he sounds different. It was probably his own silver lining because his fans like his new appearance. Plus, he gets some positive exposure and attention.

How Did Beanie Sigel Lose Weight?

Beanie had to undergone special care after his surgery. This condition is the start of his weight loss journey. People believe that healthier consumption intake is the main reason why Beanie loses weight quite significantly. Afterwards, he seems to continue his healthier lifestyle to adjust to his new life.

When you undergo a surgical procedure, it’s crucial to maintain the healthy lifestyle. You need to avoid stress. You need to take a lot of protein to speed up the recovery process.

To accompany the protein, you need to take in a lot of veggies, vitamins, and nutrients. This is likely what is happening to Beanie. After all, it’s his lung that was affected, so it brings another level of care and cautiousness.

After he switched to healthier food intake, his health improves. Not only he was able to recover from his surgery, but he also sees improvements on his own condition. By incorporating more organic foods and less sugary types, it affects his blood sugar and overall health condition.

Beanie Sigel

Beanie Secret in Losing Weight

Beanie likes to post about his condition and physique in his social media, but there is no information about Beanie Sigel weight loss and his diet program in specific. But he was known to be 90 kilograms in weight, and it is assumed that he had lost around 15 to 20 kilograms, which means that his weight is now around 70 to 75 kilograms.

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There is no information about what kind of physical activities he has either, but considering that he needed to recover from the surgery (and the wounds), it’s highly likely that he needs to take a baby step to deal with his healthier life option.


In short, Beanie may have to experience traumatic thing before he had a realization about his own life. But he is a living proof that traumatic experience can turn to a good thing, is you are open to it, just like Beanie Sigel weight loss journey.

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