UPDATED! Coco Austin Weight Loss and Workout 2023

Here is the story of Coco Austin weight loss and workout, after the birth of her daughter and how she maintains her current body fitness. Who doesn’t know Coco Austin? She is an actress and also as a model. The public also knows Coco as the wife of the famous rapper Ice T.

Coco was born on March 17, 1979, in California, United States. She is already 43 years old, but don’t ask how her perfect posture is. Here are some of Coco Austin weight loss stories.

Coco Austin Weight Loss

Coco Austin Weight Loss Journey

One of the things that postpartum moms might be jealous of is how she doesn’t look like she’s just given birth. It is known that Coco already had a reasonable body condition before her pregnancy. Even when she was pregnant, she was like other mothers who began to be careful when doing a job.

Coco stopped her training for four months, then switched to eating more fruits to maintain her body. At that time, she lost almost 5 kilograms before gaining the baby’s weight. It is because Coco has also stopped her habit of consuming alcohol.

In addition, she stopped lifting weights, which caused a loss of muscle mass and began to live a healthy life by drinking lots of vitamins.

Weight Gain During Pregnancy

One of the more surprising is that Coco gained only 13 pounds or about 6.5 kilograms during pregnancy. Coco also recognizes it as an oddity. The wife of rapper Ice T. K also did not expect that her body still looks fit even though she was pregnant.

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However, Coco had said that she was ready if her appearance exploded like a whale. According to her, this is not a problem because she is willing to do whatever it takes for her pregnancy to stay healthy.

But what happened was that Coco remained healthy with an ideal body. Coco suspected that it was because she diligently ate fruits during her pregnancy.

In addition, stopping her lousy habit of consuming alcohol is a double blow for her. Meanwhile, after giving birth to her first daughter, Chanel became a healthy child. Even after her daughter was four months old, Coco’s body was back to normal with her tiny waist.

Coco Austin Workout


According to some trusted website sources, Coco follows a vegan fruit diet program, and she also does cardio and weightlifting. In addition, she also participated in waist corset training, which then made her waist circumference smaller again.

The rest is Coco will practice Zumba gymnastics and also kickboxing. Even Coco was wearing sauna clothes so that she could sweat more.

Coco Austin and Her Peepshow

Then another exercise for weight loss is doing a peep show. Coco’s dance practice every night is the same as doing cardio. After the exercise, he has also reduced her body fat from 24% to 13%. A drastic change, isn’t it? Not done yet, Coco also joined pole dancing and squats with Stilettos to train her leg muscles to be stronger.


Fitness training is one way to lose weight. However, this method must also be accompanied by good knowledge so that there are no injuries or unwanted things. It is information about the Story of Coco Austin weight loss after birth and keeping her body fit. Happy practicing!

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