Eric Burris Weight Loss Journey 2023, Diet and Surgery

Many people know Eric as a Wesh 2 meteorologist. But this isn’t about any ominous weather forecast; it’s about Eric Burris weight loss and about his health condition. You may have seen Eric Burris reporting weather on Wesh 2

People who see him on Wesh 2 are wondering about how Eric Burris lost weight and which tactics he used to lose weight very quickly. What was his diet and workout regimen for losing weight?

There are also rumors that Eric has had weight loss surgery. So, is it true that she has undergone a weight loss surgery?

Who is Eric Burris

Eric Burris is famous American meteorologist, he joined the station TV Wesh 2 News in Orlando since 2014. He was born in Florida on 29 April 1984. He started his meteorologist career since 2006 and he often shared the the weather in United States countries on his social media account like twitter and Instagram. Now, he has nearly 20k followers in his twitter account.

Eric Burris married to Jeannie Burris in 2017, now they has two sons named Martin Burris and Alexander Miguel Burris. It seems that the life of Eric Burris family is not for public consumption, it proofed by his actions that he always keep quiet if many of journalist ask about his family, but it seems that he looks so happy with his family.

Eric Burris Weight Loss

Eric Burris Weight Loss Journey

Eric weighed approximately 300 pounds at his heaviest. When he eventually resolved to take care of himself and attempted diets and workouts, he discovered that ordinary eating and exercise were ineffective for him.

And this basic eating and exercise program will not help him lose weight. Eric ultimately decided to contact a doctor for weight loss due to his difficulty to lose some weight.

Eric Burris Weight Loss Surgery

The doctor informed Eric that if he did not address this health concern, he will become diabetes very quickly. Eric had problems with his pancreas and insulin production. Because of these difficulties, the doctor informed Eric Burris that losing weight without therapy would be impossible. Therefore, the doctor suggested him to take a weight loss surgery.

Gastric Bypass Surgery was performed on Eric Burris. It is a weight-loss procedure that alters the way your stomach and small intestine process food. Eric was in recuperation for four weeks after that.

After the surgery, Eric Burris weight lost drastically, he told that he lost more than 70 pounds, it was around 100 pounds. And now, it seems that his weight is an ideal weight for him.

When questioned about his experience, Eric stated that it was a difficult recovery process, but he would do it again if necessary in the future.

Eric Burris Weight Loss Before After


It’s critical to eat well after surgery in order to maintain your weight-loss objectives. According to Burris, who stated this in an interview, he eats smaller but more frequent meals every day, and his focus while consuming foods is protein.

Gastric bypass weight reduction surgery involves creating a tiny pouch from the stomach and connecting it straight to the patient’s small intestines. After the procedure, the food the patient consumes will pass through the newly formed pouch and then into the small intestine.

Eric Burris consumes lesser meals but more frequently because of the newly developed tiny pouch. Protein consumption is also crucial for weight reduction. This is why Eric stresses protein consumption in his meals. This is the best technique for everyone to reduce weight.


Many people have been encouraged by Eric Burris weight loss. Eric is currently in good health after decreasing weight. Eric also stated that he is feeling much better and has more energy than ever before. He can now participate in all of the activities that his children desire him to undertake.

And his smart watch now indicates that he has a healthy heart rate. He also stated that he is certain that the practice of living a healthy lifestyle has added years to his life. And keep update other public figures weight loss journey at

Did Eric Burris Lose Weight?

– Yes, he did

How Did Eric Burris Lose Weight?

– He did Gastric bypass surgery procedure to lose weight combined it with a healthy diet

How Much Weight Has Eric Burris Lost?

– Eric Burris lost weight around 100 pounds

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