John Kruk Weight Loss 2022, Before After Transformation

John Kruk Weight Loss

If you are into baseball, you probably have heard about Kruk, and also about John Kruk weight loss journey with its up and down. John Kruk was a former professional baseball player who has joined San Diego Padres, Chicago White Sox, and Philadelphia Phillies throughout his career from 1986 to 1995. The man is known … Read more

Aashika Bhatia Weight Loss 2022, Is It Because of Surgery?

Aashika Bhatia Weight Loss

Although Aashika Bhatia weight loss journey may not be the easiest, she manages to enjoy the fruitful outcome because of her determination and commitment. The social media influencer managed to lose 12 kilograms of weight (around 26 pounds) because of intense physical workout and solid mental strength. Aashika Bhatia Weight Loss Journey Aashika has always … Read more

Greg Gutfeld Weight Loss Journey 2022, Before After

Greg Gutfeld Weight Loss

Greg Gutfeld Weight Loss  – If you watch Fox News’ The Five, you’re probably familiar with co-host Greg Gutfeld. His followers and fans noticed that he had dropped some weight since he appeared slimmer in his latest Instagram photos. It was reported that when the Covid 19 epidemic struck in 2020, Greg went on a … Read more

Shane Dawson Weight Loss Before and After 2022

Shane Dawson Weight Loss

We all have those times in our lives when something happens that leads to an important change. This moment happened for Shane Dawson when he went to an amusement park with his whole senior class and was booted off a roller-coaster ride because he was too fat. That’s the beginning of Shane Dawson weight loss. … Read more

Amanda Freitag Weight Loss Before After Transformation 2022

Amanda Freitag Weight Loss

Amanda Freitag Weight Loss – Amanda Freitag, an American judge and chef on Food Network cooking series, was a little bit overweight since she was a child. She had a strong desire to succeed in the sphere of food and cooking, as well as an avid hunger. That’s why Amanda Freitag weight loss transformation surprised … Read more

Natasha Lyonne Weight Loss, Diet and Workout 2022

Natasha Lyonne Weight Loss

Natasha Lyonne weight loss transformation may be a surprise to some of her fans. However, this Russian Doll producer shows that she is more than just a regular actor in the sheet called. To some of her fans, this weight loss journey is a testament to her artistic skill. Many fans know her from the … Read more

UPDATED! Jessica Kirson Weight Loss Before and After 2022

Jessica Kirson Weight Loss

Jessica Kirson weight loss before and after is one of the most amazing celebrity transformations. She has lost a substantial amount of weight that even her fans wouldn’t recognize at first. The comedienne who also acts in several TV shows cuts a stunning figure and claimed that she now weighs less than 130 pounds. She … Read more

UPDATED! Coco Austin Weight Loss and Workout 2022

Coco Austin Weight Loss

Here is the story of Coco Austin weight loss and workout, after the birth of her daughter and how she maintains her current body fitness. Who doesn’t know Coco Austin? She is an actress and also as a model. The public also knows Coco as the wife of the famous rapper Ice T. Coco was … Read more

Nina Parker Weight Loss Journey 2022, Before and After

Nina Parker Weight Loss

The story of Nina Parker weight loss journey caught the attention of many of her fans. It is because Nina posted pictures of her amazing transformation on social media. Nina Parker is a celebrity and host of the reality show Love Hip-hop and is best known for her live NBC Access Hollywood show. Nina had … Read more