Aashika Bhatia Weight Loss 2023, Is It Because of Surgery?

Although Aashika Bhatia weight loss journey may not be the easiest, she manages to enjoy the fruitful outcome because of her determination and commitment. The social media influencer managed to lose 12 kilograms of weight (around 26 pounds) because of intense physical workout and solid mental strength.

Aashika Bhatia Weight Loss

Aashika Bhatia Weight Loss Journey

Aashika has always been proud of her figure – whether it is curvy and chubby or lean and thin. She was even proud of her curves, often flaunting them in many occasions. After all, she wasn’t overweight or anything like it. She simply had curves.

So, why she underwent the weight loss journey? She did it for her health. According to her, her past weight affected her health so much that she decided to make a change.

She wanted to be a fitter person. She basically tried to challenge herself whether she would be able to do it. And now she can freely show off her hard work. Her social media photos are filled with her flaunting her new slimmer body and also flat abs.

Now, Aashika Bhatia current weight is around 50 kilograms with the height 1.58 meters, and you can see at her body that she looks so very sexy, and her body is very ideal. It seems that Aashika Bhatia weight loss program successful to make her appearance looks better.

Aashika Diet Plan

Aashika liked junk food so much. She would consume French fries, burgers, chips, and ice cream on a regular basis. Basically, those are the foods she daily consumed. She seems to change her eating habit and consume healthier option.

She has never really opened up about her diet, but she likes to post things in her social media, including the foods she is consuming. She seems to consume healthier options now.

From her meal of options, she would include more protein and less carbs. She likes eggs and oatmeals, along with veggies and fruits (which she manages as salads). She also consumes protein shakes and green tea.

Water is also crucial in her dieting program, because not only it is the healthier option (compared to coffee or tea, obviously), but it also helps her to suppress her appetite. She tries to incorporate as much veggies, fruits, nutrients, protein, and vitamins as much as she can.

Aashika Bhatia Weight Loss Before After


Changing the eating habit won’t do much good unless it is accompanied by a solid workout plan. It’s a good thing that Aashika has one. The physical exercises are done to burn off extra calories and fat deposit.

Although her workout plan isn’t exactly known, many sources confirm that she has a gym membership and also a personal trainer.

Many of her workout sessions would include pushups, kettlebells, yoga, and low intensity cardio – among other things that she needs to do. She also does skipping. She focuses more on low intensity workouts that are done with more reps and sets.


Aashika’s success in losing weight can be a healthy example for those who want to shed off extra weight without hurting themselves. Forget about fad diet or cutting corners.

Aashika shows that consistency and commitment are the main keys to lose weight. And when people want to lose weight, they need to combine meal planning and physical exercises. It can’t only be done in one aspect. Take Aashika Bhatia weight loss as example and start from there.

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