Julia Collin Davison Weight Loss Surgery Before After 2023

People are very well aware of Julia Collin Davison weight loss significant appearance because she is a TV persona; meaning that she would show up quite often on TV. Julia is an American TV co-host, chef, and also cookbooks executive editor.

Despite her abilities, she is mostly popular as a chef due to her appearance on PBS America’s Test Kitchen or Home and Cooks Country.

Julia Collin Davison

Julia Collin Davison Weight Loss Journey

Julia has always been passionate about food and cooking. She learns how to cook from her mom, who is also a very good cook.

But food is also the reason for her weight. She had has always been big and a bit overweight, but it’s a good thing that she had come to a realization that her weight was responsible for her health – and some of its issues.

Because she started to experience health problems, and she noticed that it came from unhealthy consumption and food habit, she decided to make a life transformation.

How Did Julia Collin Lose Weight

After she realized that her weight has affected her health quite significantly, she started to switch to healthier food option. She also decided that she needs to include working out and physical exercises into her daily life.

It seems that she’s determined to lose the extra weight and change the unhealthy lifestyle. Even after her weight loss attempt was proven to be successful, she continues with her program.

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She maintains healthier and better eating habit while maintaining a more disciplined workout schedule. It’s a good thing that her family (husband and kids) are very supportive.

Julia Collin Davison Weight Loss

Julia Collin Before and After

There is no information about her past weight, but Julia’s current weight is 65 kilograms. This weight is ideal with her height, 5 feet 6 inches. Julia has a very discipline and ‘clean’ dieting program.

She doesn’t consume processed food anymore and only focuses on organic and natural foods. She no longer consumes foods containing unhealthy sugar and starch. Because of this, she manages to lose weight.


Besides clean eating, Julia also works out and it’s pretty strict. Because of the vigorous and regular schedule, she is able to burn off the extra fat deposit while boosting her energy level at the same time.

Her consistency paid off. After a discipline program combining workout and clean eating for 8 weeks, she was able to lose weight, getting her to her current weight of 65 kilograms.

From Julia, we learn that discipline lifestyle and being committed to the program you choose will get you the result you want.

Julia is a popular American chef and TV persona who manages to lose weight and improve her own health because of her awareness of healthier lifestyle.


Although people also speculate that she might have had a weight loss surgery (related to her weight loss success), it seems that it was only a rumor.

The rumor surfaced because she was able to lose significant weight in a pretty short time. So, if you want to have a successful outcome, Julia Collin Davison weight loss can be a good example.

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