John Kruk Weight Loss 2023, Before After Transformation

If you are into baseball, you probably have heard about Kruk, and also about John Kruk weight loss journey with its up and down.

John Kruk was a former professional baseball player who has joined San Diego Padres, Chicago White Sox, and Philadelphia Phillies throughout his career from 1986 to 1995.

The man is known for his medical condition, and how his weight often changes because of his condition.

John Kruk Weight Loss

John Kruk Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss (and weight gain) isn’t exactly a new thing for John because he has experienced that throughout his life. After being obese for quite a while, he managed to lose 20 pounds of weight in 2021 – only to gain it back again.

The matter of weight is always problematic and complicated for him. Not only it affects his life, but also his health, and everything is deeply related.

He was at the point when he reached 320 pounds of weight in life, which forced him to think about transforming his life. Now, he said that he is 255 pounds, and he wants to keep it this way.

Although he’s thinking about losing more weight, making changes and transformations to his lifestyle and eating habit is just too difficult for him.

John Kruk Diet Plan

One of the reasons why he seems to be getting back to gaining weight is his love for junk food. Having to avoid junk food puts him in misery. Not to mention that he also needs to focus on aerobics and strenuous physical exercises.

His lifestyle, including his drinking and eating habits, is the main reason for his weight problem. And to make things more complicated, he has type 2 diabetes and he’s dependent on the insulin shot.

It complicate the entire process because his diabetes affects his health and weight, and at the same time, his weight is the main reason why his diabetes can’t be controlled.

When John was able to lose 20 pounds, he was said to take part in a dietitian training course, which required him to travel quite a lot to New Orleans. Some sources say that a professional dietician accompanied him during his weight loss attempt.

He was able to make a slight change to his drinking and eating habit at that time, resulting in his slimmer appearance.

John Kruk

Exercise Routine

The weight loss effect was obviously seen after John also took part in weight lifting program. Weight lifting, after all, is pretty effective not only to lose weight, but also to build up muscles. When you lift weight, you are converting the fat deposit into energy and muscles.

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That’s why people who are on a diet are often suggested to lift weight as a part of their program. For John Kruk weight loss case, it seemed to work. Not only he was able to shed off body fat, but he was also able to lose chin and also belly fat.


We can learn a lot from John’s weight loss story. When you ignore your own health, the consequences can be grim and severe. Hopefully, John Kruk weight loss story can inspire a lot of people, especially those who want to focus on their own well-being.

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