Pedro Tovar Weight Loss Before and After Transformation 2023

It is a story about before and after Pedro Tovar weight loss transformation. Pedro Tovar is a producer, TikTok Star like Eleanor Neale, and a talented young singer from the United States.

Departing from TikTok and Instagram, Pedro is finally known to many people to penetrate the world of the music industry.

Who is Pedro Tovar

Pedro is currently 20 years old. He was born on June 22, 2002, in California. Pedro is also a part of the band Eslaon Armado since 2017. With his younger brother, Gabriel Hidalgo, he started his career as a lead vocalist and requinto guitarist.

Together with his band, Pedro also won several awards and was nominated. He started at the Billboard Music Awards, Latin American Music, and Billboard Music Awards.

Apart from being active in bands, a producer, and a singer on TikTok and Instagram, Pedro is also active on YouTube. And the channel already has more than one million followers.

Behind his success as a musician, Pedro is also successful in losing weight. However, he did not openly explain the process of losing weight; until now, he is still silent.

Pedro Tovar Weight Loss

Pedro Tover Weight Loss Journey

Did Pedro have weight loss surgery? I don’t think so. Because he is a person who is confident about his weight, he chooses natural ways to deal with the problem. In life on his TikTok account, Pedro once revealed that he uses the fasting method. Pedro usually only eats once a day at 10.30 pm.


To maintain his weight, Pedro likes to go to the Gym to train for his physical fitness. In a live on his TikTok account, he revealed this exercise to lose weight. Pedro also revealed that he likes cycling in the morning for 30 minutes. He does it when he wakes up in the morning, around 07.30.

After that, at 09.00, he resumed his activities, namely running training. He usually shows it on his TikTok account live during this practice. Then during the day, Pedro will practice jumping rope for an hour. He continued training again at 02.00 noon, 04.00 pm, and 08.00 pm.

And finally, at 09.30 pm, Pedro will practice jumping jacks and backing. When finished, then he proceeded to take a shower and then sleep.

Pedro Tovar Weight Loss Before After

Pedro Tovar Weight Loss Before After

Pedro currently weighs 60 kilograms with a height of about 165 cm. For men, this size is ideal. Pedro Tovar Weight Loss is the result of his hard training. Pedro has also been battling his weight problem by participating in CrossFit programs.


There are many ways to lose weight. You start by exercising, following the CrossFit program, adjusting your diet, and much more. Of course, the purpose of this weight loss, in addition to reducing body weight, is so that the body posture becomes ideal. Not only that, but dieting is also good for the health of the body so as not to be obese.

Pedro has indeed managed to lose weight. We need to appreciate him because he has tried to keep his body healthy and has an ideal weight. This is the story of Before and After Pedro Tovar Weight Loss. Hopefully, it inspires you to start a diet and adopt a healthy lifestyle!

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