Nina Parker Weight Loss Journey 2023, Before and After

The story of Nina Parker weight loss journey caught the attention of many of her fans. It is because Nina posted pictures of her amazing transformation on social media.

Nina Parker is a celebrity and host of the reality show Love Hip-hop and is best known for her live NBC Access Hollywood show. Nina had worked as a production assistant for a telecommunications company, and at the beginning of her career, Nina had experienced rejection.

Who is Nina Parker

Nina is a woman born in California on October 22, 1979. She graduated in broadcast and electronic communication arts from San Francisco State University. After graduated from college, she moved to New York and began her career journey.

Nina plunged into television and broadcast media and started her media career in 2011 on the CBS evening show.

Then, in 2013, Nina started working as a reporter for NBC’s morning show Access Hollywood, which made her widely known. Nina also started pioneering her plus-size clothing brand as a solution for women with posture and weight problems like her.

Nina Parker Weight Loss

Nina Parker Weight Loss Journey

Because of her excess weight, many people don’t see Nina’s talent. She was also rejected to work as an emcee and work off-camera. Nina finally thought that one day she would lose weight to look better. Then, Nina Parker weight loss journey began in 2012.

Then in 2013, Nina Parker lost more than 30 kg or 60 pounds. She also posted a photo on Instagram showing her success in weight loss. Since then, Nina has lost much weight and still keeps it off. Until 2015, Nina was able to lose another 35 kg of weight.

Diet Plan

Nina once shared that she goes on a nutritious diet to maintain her ideal weight. Over the past few decades, Nina has realized that her health is essential. She then cut back on junk food, consumed fewer carbohydrates and fats, and reduced sugar. In addition, she also eats more high protein and fiber foods.

Nina also reduces the consumption of soft drinks and even alcoholic beverages. She replaced it with drinking fresh juice. Nina Parker is a beautiful woman with an exciting personality and is excellent. She is slim, and going to the gym is one of her hobbies.

Nina is currently more concerned with maintaining her fitness. Nina has become passionate about sports and has proven her fitness is impressive. Her posture is perfect too.

Nina Parker Weight Loss Before After


Losing weight is not an easy thing. But if you are committed to doing it, don’t give up. If you lose weight for health and fitness is essential because obesity is wrong and can trigger other diseases.

In addition, losing weight will also help to reduce the risk of developing stress and high blood pressure. It is because our bodies will work more balanced and not overwork.

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Nina has shown that achieving her weight loss requires seriousness and hard work. And now, she has achieved what she wanted.

Nina’s journey to lose weight can be an inspiration to you. If Nina can lose 40 kg or 90 pounds, why can’t you?
The story of Nina Parker weight loss journey caught the attention of many people. Happy dieting, and start to live healthily!

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