Deon Cole Weight Loss 2023, Before and After

People are fussy about Deon Cole weight loss story and example because they see how different he is now, especially when compared to some of his past photos. Deon Cole has a long career in comedy. Being a comedian, the man has his share of achievement for more than 23 years.

Deon Cole Weight Loss

Deon Cole Weight Loss Journey

Not only Deon is able to have healthier outcome, but he also has different appearance and looks. When compared to some of his old photos, Deon definitely looks slimmer. He also looks healthier despite his 47-year old condition. He is involved in several shows, and he is often asked to do standup comedy on the side.

In many of his stage performance, he also mentions the importance of health, fitness, and losing weight. Many of the spectators who have seen his performance often say that they are moved and motivated by his sharing. And Deon is glad to know that he can be a part where he can inspire people to change their life to a better path.

What Makes Deon Lose Weight?

According to Deon Cole Lose weight loss story, people with consciousness will learn and realize something within 10-year frame. When he starts hitting 40, he starts to realize that his ‘time’ in life cycle starts to be limited, and he doesn’t want to leave the world in a sick and bad shape. He starts to think that being healthy is more important because it would affect his condition after reaching middle age.

Deon Cole understands that unhealthy lifestyle, too much food consumption, and obesity are responsible for his health – and also appearance. According to Deon, many comedians gain weight because they have unhealthy lifestyle.

They may have shows up to late at night, and then they would go to restaurants to eat, and then go home to sleep. It what happened to him. And it hit him one day, that if he continues doing this, he would end up with bad health when he’s aging. And he certainly doesn’t want it.

Deon Cole

How Deon Lose Weight?

Initially, when he goes home late at night, he doesn’t eat. He doesn’t look for restaurants either. Instead, he would eat popsicles, the sugar free type, as much as he wants. Eating popsicles helps him to get his mind off snacking, especially on big meals and other unhealthy components.

Of course, he follows it up with healthier eating habit. He understands concepts of sugar and calories, and he limits himself from consuming them. He chooses the healthier options, with veggies, lean meat, and fruits. To top it off, he also exercises and workout, simply to build up muscles and keep his physique stay active.

How Much Did Deon Lose?

How much does he weight? Well, it’s actually unknown. But you should know that he lost a significant amount of weight – almost 70 pounds.

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That’s a lot. But then he even realizes that he overdid it, so he gains a bit of weight. Now, he is satisfied with his current weight. Rumor has it that he weighs around 80 kilos now, but we can’t really confirm it.


He wants people to be inspired and to start to look better into their health and life. If Deon Cole weight loss story can help, then he would be more than happy to share it from time to time.

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