UPDATED! Jessica Kirson Weight Loss Before and After 2023

Jessica Kirson weight loss before and after is one of the most amazing celebrity transformations. She has lost a substantial amount of weight that even her fans wouldn’t recognize at first.

The comedienne who also acts in several TV shows cuts a stunning figure and claimed that she now weighs less than 130 pounds. She also said that she’s feeling healthier and much more active to keep up with her daughters.

Who is Jessica Kirson

Jessica Kirson is very talented stand up comedian who often appeared on several American television shows such as Fresh Faces, Last Comic Standing, Premium Blend and many others.

Besides, she also often her stand up comedian show on her Youtube Channel. Jessica Kirson age is 52 years old in 2022, she was born in New Jersey, United States on 14 November 1969.

Jessica Kirson Weight Loss

Jessica Kirson Weight Loss Journey

Jessica often jokes about her weight and now she can add more to the repertoire. But she dismissed any thoughts about the heckles as her main reasons to lose weight.

Despite being born in New Jersey, Jessica has been calling New York her home and has been living there for years. Jessica lives with her wife and their four children. With some of her children under five, it’s easy to assume that Jessica wants to have a healthier life for them.

Jessica chose the low-carb diet method and cut down on sugar and flour. She may have some cheat days, but she doesn’t take complex carbs in her main meal.

Jessica Kirson Weight Loss Before and After

Jessica Kirson Weight Loss Before After

Before her weight loss journey, Jessica Kirson almost clocked 200 pounds weigh. Many fans and the public can see it in her old videos. Especially her famous joke about eating someone in the subway.

But now she stuns and weighs only 127 pounds. She shows determination to have a substantial weight loss. Even though she has lost more than 50 pounds, Jessica didn’t lose them in a short time.

Jessica started her weight loss journey back in 2014 by cutting down on her sugar and carb intake. She jokingly tweeted the start of her journey by calling sugar and flour a manifestation of her inner anger.

As she started to shed her extra pounds, Jessica Kirson took up more outdoor activities and be more active overall. She loves to share any updates on her family and life on her Instagram.

Her weight loss journey seems to open up more of her funny bones. Jessica may not speak much about her efforts like any workouts plan and any specific diet. But she often includes snippets of her experience in her recent jokes.

Jessica Kirson Activities

Coming from a family of entertainers, Jessica Kirson proved her worth by winning multiple awards as a comedian. Among the accolades she received were Best Performer and Best Stand-Up Comedy act by Nightlife awards.

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Jessica is actively uploading some skits and performances on her YouTube channel. Sometimes she also makes some short videos for her Instagram reels. But other than the usual performances on TV shows, Jessica doesn’t seem to say much about her plan.


Jessica Kirson weight loss is inspirational for many reasons. Most importantly, she shows how perseverance and dedication can help her lose weight.

Her method to start losing weight by reducing sugar and flour intake is also a common technique. It’s one of the most popular diet methods to jump start weight loss.

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