Natasha Lyonne Weight Loss, Diet and Workout 2023

Natasha Lyonne weight loss transformation may be a surprise to some of her fans. However, this Russian Doll producer shows that she is more than just a regular actor in the sheet called. To some of her fans, this weight loss journey is a testament to her artistic skill.

Many fans know her from the hit Netflix series, Russian Doll where she is both the producer and main cast. However, when the series was first announced, many were surprised by Natasha’s new look after the weight loss.

Natasha Lyonne Weight Loss

Natasha Lyonne Weight Loss Journey

Natasha’s career in the entertainment industry started at a young age. Being so long in the industry also exposes Natasha to various substances. And she had several runs with legal issues on substance abuse.

This caused some of her fans to attribute Natasha’s drive to be clean and have a healthier life as the primary reason for the weight loss.

Among her fellow actors, Natasha is known to be committed to the role she has at hand. Therefore, she’s also committed to losing weight to fit her future roles.

Some of her projects may require her to be more flexible in appearance. Therefore, fans will constantly see her changing weights. Currently, Natasha Lyonne weight is around 132 lbs, and it fits with her height which is 160 cm.

Natasha Lyonne


Natasha says she loves to eat everything and have zero restriction when it comes to food. But to lose weight, she choose a balanced diet with the occasional low-carb menu. She said that it’s the easiest diet to incorporate into her busy lifestyle.

She enjoys ice cream on a hot day and won’t say no to Bagel for breakfast. But she admits that after enjoying a large meal, she will walk on a longer route. Being a native New Yorker means she’s used to walking around the city as her method of transportation.


Natasha also regularly goes to the Gym. There is no record of which gym she goes to. But Natasha often shares some snaps on her Instagram when she’s hanging out with friends after a workout, and we must admit that her regular exercises make Natasha Lyonne weight loss program became successful to achieve.

On one occasion, she mentioned that she hates leg days and prefers having a regular cardio workout. Of course, she’s doing it with her snarky style and a large latte in hand. But now everyone knows Natasha’s favorite workout and has a glimpse of her training plan.


Natasha is one of the actors who put her whole soul into all of her roles. Therefore, any change in her weight is easy to notice. After all, she’s been in the industry for a couple of decades. There is almost nothing that she hasn’t seen.

Natasha’s choice of a balanced diet is a popular method that she can adjust to fit her needs. She also doesn’t have any cheat days because she can eat everything she wants. She just needs to cut back whenever necessary to keep the balance.

At any rate, Natasha Lyonne weight loss comes from her total commitment to the role. And since she also has several health problems, it’s only natural that she puts her health first.

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