Finn Wolfhard Weight Loss 2023, Why He is So Skinny?

Fans are the first people to notice the change in their favorite star, and that’s what happened to Finn Wolfhard weight loss case. Both fans of the show Stranger Things and his fans from Supernatural days noticed how much he has grown throughout the years. They see how Finn lost his baby fat as he passed through puberty.

But the recent pictures of the young star alerted most of the fans. When Finn Wolfhard looks much thinner than regular outgrowing his childlike feature. Unlike other child actors who still have their child-like look, this Canadian actor has more prominent cheekbones and sunken cheeks. You can see that his face looks so skinny.

Who is Finn Wolfhard

He is very famous Canadian musician and actor. You must know the Indi rock band Calpurnia which created in 2017, Yes he is main guitarist and vocalist of the band. For the acting career, you can see his acting on many movies such as It, The Addams Family, The Turning, How It Ends and many others.

Finn Wolfhard is still very young, and you must admit that he is very talented person. Finn was born British Columbia, Canada on 23 December 2002. He started his career in acting in 2014 when he appeared on the series The 100. Recently, many of people curious why Finn Wolfhard is so skinny now, what are the causes?

Finn Wolfhard Weight Loss

Finn Wolfhard Weight Loss 2022

The main reason the fans are concerned is his weight is much under the normal weight for his height. As many people know, Finn Wolfhard is 5’10” tall but weighs less than 120 pounds. A healthy weight for someone his height is between 130-167 pounds. And Finn is at least 10 pounds lighter than the normal BMI weight.

Hence, his fans are raising concerns about his health in general. Being underweight also has serious health issues like being overweight. And many people are not aware of the issues because they’re underweight.

Underweight people are prone to have lesser bone mass, feel fatigued easier, and are still at the risk of having diabetes. They need to take action and start working to have a better health condition.

Weight Loss Causes

Despite many speculations, Finn Wolfhard weight loss stemmed from the bad eating habit the Calpurnia vocalist has. He was also involved in various projects ranging from performing with his band to directing his first movie.

Long story short, Finn Wolfhart has been busy for a while. It gave him the perfect excuse to skip a meal and be a picky eater. And somehow he always gets away with it for many months until his fans point it out. However, it’s still unknown if his recent activities act as the catalyst or the main reason for Finn Wolfhard weight loss.

Finn Wolfhard

Fan Reaction

Many fans speculated that the weight loss comes from the requirement from other movies. Other than Stranger Things which catapulted him to stardom, Finn Wolfhard also act in numerous other movies like It and the sequel It: Chapter Two.

Being a multi-talented performer garnered more fans for him. Especially after he finished directing his first short movie, Night Shift. The movie went directly to YouTube Premium and gave Finn the recognition he deserves.

Still, his weight loss gets even more apparent to his fans. Most of them have voiced their concern through social media. Unfortunately, Finn mentioned in several interviews that he’s not having a good body image at times.


Finn Wolfhard weight loss may have raised concern to his fans. A good combination of diet and workout can help him to boost weight.

He also needs to stop being a picky eater and have better-eating habits. But most importantly, he needs to love himself better and embrace his image.

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