Andy Samberg Teeth Gaps Fixed, Before and After 2023

People have been talking about Andy Samberg teeth before and after because the actor has seemingly different appearance. Teeth transformation may seem like not a big deal.

But for actors and actresses in the Hollywood industry, even the slightest transformation is important. In most cases, a tiny change (in the physical aspect) can make a person go big – or go home.

Andy Samberg Teeth Before After

Andy Samberg Teeth Gaps

At the first of his career, Andy Samberg had these small gaps between the teeth. Those gaps are small, but somewhat noticeable. This is basically a unique characteristic that make Samberg unique and different.

Call it his signature physical trait, where the most notable gaps happening between his front (two) incisors. Aside from the gaps, Samberg also suffered from alignment issues.

It seems that Samberg dealt with those alignment issues by Invisalign. And then, he underwent some dental surgeries to deal with his teeth problems.

Although he might not be the kind of person who worries so much about his physical appearance, Hollywood can be quite rough and harsh. It’s quite obvious that Samberg might feel ‘compelled’ to take the procedures after Brooklyn Nine-Nine hit it off successfully.

Andy Samberg Career

If you are watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine, then you know who Samberg is. He is an American writer, actor, comedian, singer, and producer. He’s a multi-talented guy within the entertainment business. His career started off from YouTube.

At that time, he liked to create funny and engaging contents with his two friends. Afterwards, he joined Saturday Night Live, bringing new and fresh ideas of SNL Digital Shorts. This is when his luck started to shine brightly.

But his fame was drastically skyrocketed when he joined Fox comedy series, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. After the first season, loyal fans noticed a slight tad change in Samberg’s physical appearance.

He didn’t undergo drastic transformation that changed his physical appearance completely. The transformation happens quite subtly and slowly, and he manages to keep his profile stays the same up until now.

Andy Samberg Teeth

Andy Samberg Teeth Transformation

The transformation wasn’t bad, though. In fact, it’s a good thing that Samberg has undergone the dental procedures. His teeth are now perfectly aligned and the gaps have been gone completely. It’s safe to say that Samberg looks just great with beautiful teeth – and also smiles!

Although he didn’t say anything about his teeth transformation, it seems that aside dental care and procedures, he might also have teeth whitening (and cleaning) too. If you see his current photos, he looks great flashing off his smiles and those great teeth.


Andy Samberg is a perfect example that nothing is wrong about taking care of yourself. After all, self love and self care is crucial, especially in this huge industry. After all, teeth are important. If you can have healthy teeth, having them well cared for and beautiful can be an extra bonus.

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All of us can learn from Andy Samberg teeth fixed and before after experience, and use it wisely for our own health consideration.

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