Hitman Holla Teeth Fixed 2023, Before and After

It is not surprising when people are curious about Hitman Holla teeth fixed and its before after, many of people claimed that he got new teeth. This talented rapper has won the hearts of his fans worldwide. His performance is cool and all his songs are very attractive. People love to listen to all his songs.

It is also very common to see people who hate him. Haters hate, don’t they? The same thing applies to Hitman Holla. Some people don’t pay attention to his achievement. On the other hand, they make fun of his look instead of praising his accomplishments.

Most of the time, haters make fun of Hitman Holla teeth. They say that he has baby teeth and keeps making fun of them. Many comments about this matter are easy to find on social media accounts, particularly on Holla’s.

Hitman Holla Teeth Before After

Hitman Holla Teeth Before After

Many people were not aware of the teeth of Hitman Holla until they read lots of comments about hates who make fun of his look. It makes more and more people curious about the look of the teeth.

Some haters even mentioned that there are significant changes in his teeth. Then, many of his fans said that Hitman Holla got new teeth, but it looks better. Some of sources told that Hitman did dental surgery procedure to make his teeth looks better than before. The sources also told that he did veneers to make his teeth whiter.

If you take a look at Hitman Holla teeth comparison picture, you know that his teeth used to have a gaps. But now, it disappeared. And we can say that the dental procedure successful to make his teeth looks so perfect.

The rapper who was born on March 29, 1988, doesn’t seem to care about what people say. But, it is proven that there are changes in his teeth. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, United States, Holla is actually a person who really pays attention to his performance.

It is proven by his choices of outfits. He always looks cool at every concert that he has attended. His brother, How, seems to get inspiration from his brother. Though both share different personalities, they don’t take their overall performances for granted.

Instead of talking about his teeth, why not discussing his achievement, so far? The rapper whose real name is Gerald Fulton Jr is actually more than just a rapper. He is also an actor and once was an athlete. This is why, how his teeth look doesn’t really matter. What matters is his overall success.

Hitman Holla Teeth

Career of Hitman Holla

Holla has been a hard worker. It is proven by his endless effort as a basketball player in high school. He was also a very brilliant student during his enrollment in California State Northridge as he got a scholarship before he finally moved to the University of Missouri in St. Louis.

However, he started to love rap music prior to accomplishing his undergraduate degree. In 2008, he started battle rapping. Afterward, his career has been unstoppable. As a battle rapper, he has an impressive net worth that reaches approximately $3 million. And he has followers in Instagram more than 1,7 millions.

Hard Work Has Proven His Success

This is not surprising if he has lots of competitors. For sure, there are lots of opponents out there. Holla’s success is actually the effect of his skill and hard work so far.


So, why should we pay attention to his look? No matter how Hitman Holla teeth fixed and its before after look, he is still proven as one of the most talented rappers. His personal life is also very inspiring and his career doesn’t seem to fade.

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