Cynthia Nixon Teeth Fixed 2023, Before and After

The public, especially those who had been watching popular series Sex and the City, have always been curious about Cynthia Nixon teeth. They always want to know whether the actress has undergone some dental treatments and procedures.

In the past, Nixon had taken a huge beat because of her teeth, which for some people had been considered bad or not as standard level of Hollywood.

Cynthia Nixon Teeth

Cynthia Nixon Teeth Before After

It remains unclear whether Nixon has undergone teeth correction or dental procedures, but the confusion is pretty understandable. When she played different characters, she was required to wear braces and dentures. The first time she wore braces was in Let It Ride. In Warm Springs, she had to wear dentures. Even in popular series that she stared, Miranda had to wear braces.

However, those actions happened only in movies. It’s unclear whether she has ever done teeth correction procedure in real life. But from the looks of it, it seems that she may never have had any (dental) treatments at all.

Getting to Know Cynthia Nixon

Cynthia Nixon is an American actress who has been involved in several movies and series. She’s mostly known from her role as Miranda Hobbes in the series Sex and the City in HBO. The now 65 years old was born in New York and she has gained a lot of achievement in her career.

She was nominated in 2004 Prime time Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in Comedy Series. Besides her acting career, she is also a liberal activist advocating public education.

She is also known for her support of LGBT rights, and she’s quite open about it. In fact, she met her husband in 2022 during gay rights demonstration. In 2009, they got engaged during same sex marriage march taking place in New York City.

Cynthia Nixon

Current Condition

Nixon has never confirmed or even addressed her dental condition. In the beginning of Sex and the City, she got continuous critics because of her yellowed-teeth. Unlike other actresses that have undergone teeth whitening procedures, Nixon doesn’t seem to be interested in taking the same path.

Even with the success of the series, she remained adamant of not taking the procedures. It’s not a completely bad move, really.

After all, Cynthia Nixon teeth are perfectly normal with also perfectly color; just like the rest of us. But then again, the Hollywood has a completely different standard, and for them, Nixon doesn’t meet those standards – at least in terms of appearance and looks.

She may have gone through different transformations all through her careers, which may also lead the confusion about her teeth fixed. But if you have to compare Cynthia Nixon teeth in before and after photos, they are pretty much the same.


Up until now, we still haven’t figured out whether Nixon has ever got any dental treatments or such thing alike. The actress never mentions it and there haven’t been any records showing her taking the procedures.

You can only guess about Cynthia Nixon teeth fixed case, but the mystery may remain for many years to come.


Who is the father of Cynthia Nixon’s baby?

Cynthia Nixon is a model of successful blended family parenting. The accomplished actress, politician and activist has two sons, Samuel (Seph) Joseph Mozes and Charles Ezekiel Mozes, from her previous relationship with Danny Mozes.

Did Cynthia Nixon get married?

Yes, Cynthia Nixon was married. In 2018, she married her long-time partner Christine Marinoni in New York City.

Why is Cynthia Nixon not in reboot?

Cynthia Nixon had a valid reason for her initial reluctance to participate in a “Sex and the City” reboot. The actress stated that she only wanted to be a part of the project if there was a significant change in terms of diversity in the original series. She wanted to see more representation of different communities in the cast and crew, and it was important for her that the reboot should reflect the society in a more inclusive way.

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