Brock Lesnar Teeth Fixed 2023, Before and After

One of many questions on the internet is about Brock Lesnar teeth fixed. You can find so many pictures of his teeth and people wonders what’s happening there. Of course, being part of the worldwide-famous wrestling troupe brings Lesnar a fair share of publicity.

And many fans have been wondering about his physical appearance. It’s the price of being a celebrity when everybody wants to know more about how the person looks as a way to know them better.

Brock Lesnar Teeth

Brock Lesnar Teeth Before After

Now, if you take a close look at Brock Lesnar teeth before after, you can see there’s a clear sign of attrition and obvious discoloration. Brock Lesnar never openly talked about his issues, but it could be a case of bruxism.

Bruxism can happen when you grind your teeth often, both consciously and unconsciously. As for Lesnar, his case of Bruxism may also happen from wearing mouth and teeth guards for a bit too long. Wearing it too long can give the illusion of wearing one when there’s none.

To solve this, Lesnar seemed to do the relaxation method and avoid food that requires too much chewing. It’s understandable since he can’t rely on the nighttime mouthguard.

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar in WWE

Long before you know him as the massive wrestling star, Brock Lesnar started his career by joining a wrestling club and became the NCAA Division I wrestling champion. He signed a multi-year contract and became the WWE champion in 2004. He left the WWE for a short period and choose to have a career in the UFC as an MMA athlete.

Lesnar has a history of going on and off with his wrestling career. Before he earned the WWE Champion’s title, he sidetracked and pursued a professional football career in the NFL. Unfortunately, he was plagued with a string of injuries after he announced his decision to go as a professional footballer. And as you know, Lesnar returned to the WWE ring.

On and off UFC Stint

One of his most popular careers is three years stint at the UFC. Lesnar had a single or one-fight contract with the UFC in 2008. He enjoyed his time there and came for more fights. After several more fights with the UFC, Lesnar became the heavyweight champion after settling the score with Randy Couture.

His career at UFC was marred with drug allegations, injuries, and several other breakdowns. But that didn’t stop Lesnar and he returned to the MMA scene after taking a short break between 1022 and 2016.

Brock Lesnar Wife

Lesnar is married to another former-professional wrestler, Rena Mero. For some reason, you can’t mention Lesnar without his WWF history and wife. Rena Mero used the stage name “Sable” when she was an active wrestler. She was also a part of the WWF family, and that’s where they met.


So next time you’re curious about Brock Lesnar teeth fixed and before after, you know what happened to him. You, and anyone else, can cure bruxism. It’s a common issue with an easy solution. You can choose between using a nighttime mouthguard and starting therapy to control your jaw muscles.


What is up with Brock Lesnar’s teeth?

It appears that Lesnar may have a habit of grinding his teeth, which could have led to severe wear and tear on his teeth. The dark color of the exposed dentin may be the result of staining caused by his use of chewing tobacco. This theory is based on the assumption that he uses chewing tobacco, which can cause discoloration and other oral health issues. However, without confirmation from him or a dental professional, it is not certain what the cause is.

What disease does Brock Lesnar have?

If you are a fan of the UFC, you may recall that a few years ago, Brock Lesnar had to step away from the sport due to issues arising from a condition known as diverticulitis.

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