Rex Ryan Teeth Drastic Transformation Before After 2023

Rex Ryan is a popular figure in the football industry, but lately, the topic of Rex Ryan teeth transformation dominates the talks of the city more often than his line of work (in football). It seems that everyone is in shocks as his teeth are so white, which is completely different from his past condition. So, what happens to Rex teeth?

Rex Ryan Teeth

Rex Ryan Teeth Before After

The reason why Rex Ryan teeth become a trending topic is because of the completely drastic result. In the past, he suffered from stained teeth because of his tobacco addiction. He liked to chew on it, but it obviously took a toll on his appearance.

And now, since he appeared with perfectly white teeth, everyone was in shocked – and some are in awe. Most of them speculate that Rex may likely get a veneer treatment. Others even speculate that he might be using a teeth cap because the tobacco had ruined his teeth to the point of being heavily damaged.

Rex admitted and confirmed that he had gone through teeth whitening procedure for the sake of his teeth health and condition. Other than that, he didn’t mention anything. He didn’t confirm of doing other teeth (or dental) related procedures.

Who is Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan is an American football analyst and an ex coach. He previously worked as New York Jets coach as well as National Football League Buffalo Bills. His career started off in 1987 when we began his coaching life in Eastern Kentucky Colonels College.

Afterwards, he has worked as a coach for 9 more clubs, including Arizona Cardinals, Buffalo Bills, New Mexico Highlands, Cincinnati Bearcats Football, Morehead State, New York Jets, Baltimore Ravens, Kansas State Wildcats Football, and Oklahoma Sooners Football.

After his ‘retirement’ as a coach in 2016, he has signed an ESPN agreement to analyze the post game and pregame shows of the network Super Bowl. It’s safe to say that he puts his skills and expertise into analyzing the sports and the entire show.

Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan Teeth Transformation

Despite the overly drastic transformation, it’s possible that he had only done teeth whitening procedure and the rest is history. Rex seems to undergo weight loss journey too, which makes his facial appearance smaller; thus, making his teeth look bigger.

When you combine weight loss transformation and teeth-related procedures, the results can be quite significant. It’s not only affecting his overall health, but it can also make him look different because of the significant body reduction and such thing alike.


Rex only confirmed his teeth whitening procedure and nothing else. Moreover, it is done to maintain his dental health and well-being. It’s a good thing that he also makes changes to his weight; again, for the sake of his overall health.

Rex hasn’t provided any other confirmation of other possible dental procedures (he may not have any besides the whitening), and he looks healthy and well. If you want to learn from his experience and take inspiration from Rex Ryan teeth (fixed and before after), you may be able to improve your health condition – just like he is.


Rex Ryan is a former American football coach. He was the head coach of the New York Jets from 2009 to 2014, and the Buffalo Bills from 2015 to 2016. He is currently an NFL analyst for ESPN, providing analysis and commentary on NFL games and league-related topics. He also appears on various ESPN shows such as “Get Up!” and “SportsCenter”.

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