Nancy Cordes Weight Loss Journey 2023, Before After

People consider Nancy Cordes weight loss a big success, considering how different the reporter looks right now – especially when compared to her old pictures from the 2021.

The CBS news reporter is said to lose around 22 pounds. That’s an impressive achievement. Never underestimate such an amount of weight, especially when it can affect one’s health.

Who is Nancy Cordes

If you are often CBS, you must know Nancy Cordes. Yes, she is regular anchor or contributor at CBS News. Nancy Cordes in Los Angeles on 10 August 1970.

She began her journalism career in the middle of 90s for became a reporter on KHNL TV in Hawaii. Then, her career increased when he joined to CBS in 2007.

Nancy Cordes Weight Loss

Nancy Cordes Weight Loss Journey

Nancy Cordes is a news reporter from CBS with long years of (successful) career. If you are looking at her pictures from the 2021, you would see a chubby and a rather heavy person. She wasn’t obese but it was obvious that she was on the heavy side. Right now, she looks different.

Not only she is slimmer with thinner face, but she is also radiant. There is a sense of positive confidence about her new looks, which is highly likely coming from her weight loss journey.

22 pounds are quite a lot, which leads to speculations and rumors. Many people speculate that she may have suffered from a certain illness that makes her lose weight quite drastically.

Some speculate that she is just trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Nancy has never confirmed the rumor, so no one really knows what happens to her and the reason for her to lose weight.

Nancy Cordes Weight Loss Result

For a 52 year old woman, Nancy does look good and fit. Right now, she weighs around 138 pounds (around 63 kilograms), which means that her previous weight was around 160 pounds.

With 5 feet and 6 inches in height, her current weight is definitely ideal. She seems to have a healthy lifestyle, as seen from her social media posts where she would show off tons of healthy foods.

Nancy doesn’t seem to be suffering from any kind of ailments or health issues, unlike the rumored issues. There hasn’t been any news or updates stating that she undergoes any medical treatments or procedures.

Nancy Cordes

Nancy Cordes Health

Nancy consumes foods that are rich in protein, packed with vitamins and nutrients. She is also involved in low carb diets, also confirmed through her social media posts.

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Those who have been dieting must have known that protein packed foods are often included because of their benefits. The proteins are able to provide long-lasting fulfilling effect, which is great to curb your hunger.


There is no information whether Nancy is taking part in any physical exercises or whatsoever. But to be able to lose such amount of weight requires a good combination of physical exercise and better meal arrangement. It would be impossible to lose weight that much without doing any physical activity.

However, Nancy has a busy schedule, which most likely that she tries to include those activities into her daily schedules. She probably walks or jogs or runs.


It’s a bit difficult to determine why Nancy loses such a drastic amount of weight. Aside from the fact that we don’t know the reason, she has never confirmed what kind of workout plan she has, her current meal arrangement, and such a thing.

But we can see that she chooses healthier lifestyle, so it’s safe to assume that Nancy Cordes weight loss is pretty successful and working out well.

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