Tony Siragusa Weight Loss Story Before His Death

Before his passing, Tony Siragusa weight loss speculations had been strong and solid. The speculations have even remained until today, where people are left wondering whether the athlete did lose weight before he passed away.

The speculation and rumors had happened because the former NFL star looked different. Not only he looked slimmer, but he looked more energized and somewhat fitter. Was the rumor true? Did he lose weight quite a lot? Or did he lose weight because he was ill?

Tony Siragusa Weight Loss Issue

Siragusa was a former NFL star and he was a defender, which makes it logical when he was big and burly. Tony Siragusa weight was known to be 340 pounds during his NFL time. With a weight of 1.92 meters, the man was big and massive. That’s logical if he was the defender for his team.

Basically, Siragusa had always been a big man for as long as he lived, but before he passed away in the age of 55, he was seen to be a bit slimmer. He wasn’t as big as before, which caused speculations and rumors. Some said that he was probably sick or suffered from a certain medical issue.

Some said that he lost weight on purpose. With these ‘they say, them say’ commotion, it was difficult to differentiate the truth from the rumors.

Tony Siragusa Weight Loss

The Truth

Many of his friends said that Siragusa’s weight remain the same although his weight itself may fluctuate a bit. His weight had never been drastically changing, so many of his fans weren’t able to notice it.

There were some occasions when they spotted him with a bit of a weight loss or probably with clothing that made him look slimmer. But in general, Siragusa had never undergone massive and drastic weight loss himself.

Siragusa liked to play racquetball, and he liked to do it during his off-season time. Besides the racquetball, he also liked doing some cardiovascular activities, just to keep himself busy.

Although his friends didn’t mention what kind of activities he liked to do, but it’s clear that Siragusa was actually in a good condition. During his career, he hadn’t seem to experience any medical issues or such things alike, so the rumor about him being sick may likely be untrue.

Fitness and Workout

As it was mentioned before, Siragusa liked to keep himself busy. He liked doing sports and exercises – especially those that he liked and enjoyed. His friends and family didn’t notice any change in his consumption.

They weren’t aware of any changes related to weight loss program, if any. There isn’t any information about his food habit or daily consumption, but let’s assume that he just had a normal and regular eating habit.


People might see Siragusa looking slimmer and losing weight, but maybe it was a part of his weight fluctuation.

The man himself had never confirmed any weight loss rumors and his friends all stated that they didn’t know about any dieting program or whatsoever. To conclude, it seems that Tony Siragusa weight loss will remain a rumor, after all.

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