Sandra Ali Weight Loss Surgery Before and After 2023

It’s impossible not to talk about how Sandra Ali weight loss surgery made her look more amazing on screen. As she’s already an attractive lady, But her surgery is not without any good reason.

This broadcaster aims to have a healthier life to spend more time with her children. As you know, she has three sons and a daughter. And her determination to lose weight is beyond commendable.

Who is Sandra Ali

If you often following the news, you must know Sandra Ali. Yes, she is an anchor and journalist who often appears WDIV TV channel. She becomes anchor for several programs like Fox News and CNN.

As for your information, Sandra Ali was born in New York on 25 September 1975, but she spends her childhood in Egypt before she moved again to United States.

Sandra Ali Weight Loss

Sandra Ali Weight Loss Surgery Journey

It’s a deliberate misnomer to call it surgery. But Sandra did multiple workouts and stuck to the plan to help her lose weight dramatically. It’s not a secret that she met with one of the top dieticians for her diet plan.

Sandra shows everyone how being consistent will eventually pay off. She attributed her surgery-like weight loss to the balanced diet that she had.

This diet attributes to the her husband, who is also a broadcaster called her his inspiration to start a weight loss journey as well. The couple now lives in Birmingham with their four children.

Sandra Ali Weight Loss Surgery

Sandra Ali Weight Loss Surgery Before After

Anyone who sees Sandra Ali now may not recognize her. It’s all because she lost 50 pounds within two months. Sandra opened up about her struggle with weight on interview.

She recalled a moment when she has just recently given birth to her son and visited a coffee shop. The barista behind the counter was trying to be nice but unfortunately asked the wrong question.

The barista asked Sandra when she was due. And that put an even more blow to her confidence. Sandra admitted that during her pregnancies. That is when she put in an extra effort to lose weight.

She went for a balanced diet that she can have as part of her lifestyle. And she also workout regularly on top of caring for her four children.

Sandra admitted that she never missed out on any food. She ate everything she loves without worry. Sandra did say that her doctor allowed her to eat her breakfast like a King every day. And as you can see, Sandra is now 50 pounds lighter and nobody will confuse her when she’s being pregnant again.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Sandra admitted that she had PCOS during the weight loss process. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome or PCOS is a common health issue among women. Unfortunately, it’s also an enemy during the weight loss process.

Despite the mounting health issues, Sandra did great work on being consistent with her weight loss program and became who she is now. She said she has a lot more energy to tackle her day-to-day activities.

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The revelation about Sandra Ali weight loss surgery brings people together on weight awareness and struggles. Adult obesity is a serious case, the current statistic shows that 30 people out of 100 Americans have a BMI of 30.0 or more.

But as long as they keep their perseverance and focused on the goal as Sandra did, they can lose weight dramatically as well.

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