Maggie Haberman Weight Loss Story, Before and After 2023

There have been several rumors flying concerning Maggie Haberman weight loss, although it would be pretty difficult to prove. The media persona has been quite busy and occupied with her career, so it seems that she doesn’t use her social media accounts quite often.

Moreover, she is also quite private about her (personal) life, so doesn’t provide a lot of details concerning her private life, which includes her husband and three children.

Maggie Haberman

Who is Maggie Haberman

Maggie Haberman is a senior American Journalist. She was born as Maggie Lindsy Haberman in New York, United States on 30 October 1973. She started her career in Journalism in 1996 when she worked in New York Post.

Her name became more popular after she worked in CNN in 2014 as a political analyst. Maggie Habermen married in 2004 with her workmate in New York Post Dareh Ardashes Gregorian and they live happily with their three children.

Maggie Haberman Weight Loss Story

The rumor has been around for quite a while because people have seen quite obvious changes in appearance. Being a political analyst (for the CNN) and New York Times’ White House correspondent for 3 decades has made her quite busy on her everyday basis. She has made several appearances on TV and public media, which exposes her to the public view.

Because of this, people can see her appearance on a daily basis, and they can see the significant changes on her. There had been a rumor about her seemingly pregnant before, while she actually already has 3 children from her marriage. But it seems that it was only a rumor because there hadn’t been any confirmation about it.

And lately, another rumor is circling around her. It’s about her losing weight. People can see the significant difference. These days, she looks slimmer with thinner face. People begin to speculate.

Is she sick? Is she suffering from a medical condition? Does she have a new diet plan or probably a new lifestyle that affects her appearance? And this is the start of the rumor; when people start to make speculations of what’s possibly happening to Maggie Haberman weight loss.

Maggie Haberman Weight Loss

Maggie Haberman Weight Loss Before After

There is no information about how much Maggie weighted before, and how much she weighs now. But, some sources said that Maggie Haberman current weight is around 52 kilograms. And it is very ideal with her height which is around 1.67 meters.

Let’s not forget that she had been speculated in the past to be pregnant, which means that viewers see the significant amount of weight gain – although there was no confirmation about it.

And now, with the rumor about her weight loss, it means that there is also a significant amount of (weight) loss that she experiences. It’s just too bad that there hasn’t been any information about her weight in past and currently.

It’s pretty understandable, considering that she’s a media persona. Her daily life would have been hectic and pretty busy. She rarely uses her social media account, which makes it even more difficult to know the details of her personal life.

People’s Assumption

Many people say that it’s highly possible that Maggie has undergone a better and healthier lifestyle. After all, she doesn’t seem to have any medical condition.

It’s most likely that she has implemented a healthier lifestyle. She’s 48, anyway, which means that she needs to start taking care of herself and her health.


Although it’s difficult to picture Maggie doing physical activities in her tight and busy schedule, it’s possible that she is now practicing healthier consumption. It’s possible that she consumes organic food, picks more veggies and fruits, and have less sugary (and calorie) consumption.

We can’t really tell what happens with Maggie Haberman weight loss rumor, but it can be an inspiration is she does it right and healthily.

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