Hayley Kiyoko Weight Loss Journey 2023, Diet and Cardio

Ever since her debut, there was talk about Hayley Kiyoko weight loss now and then. It’s understandable since this multi-talented persona always delivers all of her fans’ expectations. Her interest in the entertainment industry started long before Nickelodeon spotted her.

Most people may think that her weight loss is due to the pressure from the industry. But Hayley often rebuts such claims and said that losing weight is how she loves her body.

Hayley Kiyoko Weight Loss

Hayley Kiyoko Weight Loss Journey

Hayley attributed her weight loss to the diet and workout that she’s doing. She contacted a personal trainer to help her lose weight amidst her busy schedule.

The “Curious” singer claimed she prefers to work out in the morning than any other time of the day. She said it can help her energy level up and her mood stays high. As for the diet, she opts for a balanced diet using the measurement her trainer gave her.

Hayley never explained her workout routine in detail. But during an interview, she mentioned enjoying cardio since it helps her stamina during a performance.

Weight and Career

One thing about Hayley is she’s open about her depression. Her depression was at worst when she had her year-long tour. Hayley mentioned her dark days pushed her to have an unhealthy lifestyle. And how she’s been struggling with her weight since she was young.

Even though she never openly mentioned it, her fans noticed how Hayley’s ever changing weight affects her performances. There were some theories about her weight, mainly wild claims about the dark side of the entertainment industry.

And after her concussion, Hayley’s depression went even further and she had to resort to crystal therapy. Now that she regained her life back, Hayley talked about her dark days with yo-yo weight and depression in her songs.

Hayley Kiyoko Weight Loss Before After

Hayley Kiyoko Weight Loss Before After

Hayley Kiyoko has one of the most dramatic weight loss stories. Fans can notice her weights going up and down throughout her career. At one point, Hayley only weighs less than 116 pounds even though she’s 5ft 3.

And her anti-depressant medicine made her gain 30 pounds within six months. After she gained weight, she started to receive slur and body shaming messages on her social media account. It was a while before Hayley started focusing on what matters best.

She changed some of her habits and was in control of her life again. The Velma Dinkley actress is on her way to having a better view of life and being comfortable in her skin.

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This time, Hayley wanted to keep a healthy weight. She’s also slowly working on her mental health and spreading more body-positive images to her fans.

Now, based on some of sources, Haley Kiyoko current weight is around 54 kilograms, and it is an ideal weight for her. And it seems that she looks healthier after she applied healthy lifestyle on her daily activities.


While some fans may think that Hayley Kiyoko weight loss is unnecessary because it doesn’t affect her talent and stardom. But she understands the importance of loving herself and staying healthy. Hayley went through a period of depression but she came back stronger. And that is partially thanks to her weight loss.

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