Ariya Jutanugarn Weight Loss 2023, Diet and Exercise

Many golf fans were surprised aback when they see Ariya Jutanugarn weight loss. The PGA champion showed an improved figure during the season.

And her weight isn’t the only thing that changed. Fans also can notice how her swinging gets much better at the end of the season. She ended the season with various accolades, one of them being Rolex Player of the season.

Ariya Jutanugarn Weight Loss

Ariya Jutanugarn Weight Loss Journey

In case you’re missing some figures, Ariya’s season didn’t start particularly well. She starts by ranking 66th on the accuracy hits. And her bumpy road continued as she fell over between holes 9th and 10th. Thankfully, Ariya finished her 23rd hole with 17 hits under par.

Many fans are saying that it’s normal in the Golf world. But Ariya understands how her weight can be a determining factor in her underwhelming performance.

Anyhow, her performance isn’t the only reason the former number one golfer worked to lose weight. Ariya admitted that her family has a history of diabetes which can boost her chance to have the same issue. Therefore, she cut down on sweets and only have a bite or two to keep herself in check.

As a result, Ariya managed to lose 20 pounds during the seasons. Fans can see the difference when she finished in the top 10 during the season. Now, Ariya Jutanugarn current weight is around 73 kilograms, and it is very proportional with her height.

Ariya Jutanugarn Weight Loss Before After

Diet and Exercise

Ariya said she’s avoiding cakes and other desserts despite having a sweet tooth. Even during festivities, she ensures that she doesn’t eat too many sweets.

She doesn’t do excessive workouts to lose weight. Nothing beyond her regular workout to stay in shape during the season. Now, is cutting down on sweets while doing exercises enough to help lose weight? The answer is yes, sweets have complex sugar that your body will have to work extra to break down. And any excessive sugar will become fat.

Ariya said that her diet plan doesn’t change her weight drastically except for dessert. She said how her mother berates her for eating too many cakes.

Being a Thai, Ariya enjoys a wide selection of food and is famous for her love of sweets. And to lose weight, she let go of most of her sweets intake into very scarce. She eats a balanced diet with a focus on vegetables.

Ariya Jutanugarn Gen

Ariya may be the first Thailand-nationality golfer who reached the world’s number one. But she’s not the only Thailand professional golfer on the world level today. Her sister, Moriya Jutanugarn is also a world-ranked golfer.

Coming from a family of avid golfer fans, it’s not a surprise that the sisters will be professional golfers. Ariya’s parents own a golf equipment shop near the largest golf course in Bangkok, Thailand.

Both Ariya and Moriya often cited their parents as the main reasons for their successes. Ariya’s parents’ unwavering support helped her manage her weight and become a better golfer.


Ariya Jutanugarn weight loss is a story about perseverance and health. It shows that even a professional athlete can have an underlying health issue. It’s one thing that most people need to be aware of.

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