UPDATED! Riko Shibata Teeth Fixed and Before After 2023

Riko Shibata Teeth – Nicole Cage has long been recognized as a fantastic performer. He has received positive feedback in practically every film he has been in. Aside from that, people are quite interested in Cage’s wife, Riko Shibata.

Everything about her, especially Riko Shibata teeth fixed draws attention. Fans have observed a change in Riko’s teeth compared to earlier. And the stories about her teeth have begun. So, did Riko Shibata have her teeth fixed through a surgery? Let’s compare her teeth back then and now.

As for your information, Riko Shibata was born in Japan in 10 January 1993. She married to Nicolas Cage in Las Vegas on 16 February 2021. Riko is not celebrity, she is an entrepreneur.

Riko Shibata Teeth

Riko Shibata Teeth Before and After

Riko Shibata has not yet confirmed whether or not she had a teeth-fixing procedure. However, her followers think she did. So, how has her dental health changed? This can been seen from her photos in the past and her recent ones.

The Transition of her Teeth

Fans instantly spotted her teeth, which were slightly curved outwards, after seeing her with her lover, Nicolas Cage, on several times. People have observed a significant shift in her appearance in recent images.

Previously, Riko Shibata had gaps in her teeth, but now the gaps were completely closed. Fans suspect the actress has had dental surgery, which may be true.

A gap between the teeth is one of the major issues especially for public. This problem can result in food accumulation between teeth, uninteresting smiles, and unsuitable aesthetic appearance.

Teeth gap therapies such as dental bonding, braces, veneers, and aligners are some significant treatment choices for closing the gap between the teeth.

For a celebrity like Riko Shibata, it is easy to get the most advanced dental surgery or treatment and the best dental specialist to get her teeth fixed. There are many other popular celebrities who has also taken cosmetic surgery to improve their looks.

Riko Shibata

A Possible Orthodontic Treatment

While some people believe Riko has had tooth surgery, 0thers think that she just got invisalign procedure to straighten her teeth. As you can see in her old photos, she had a lot of gaps between her teeth but now her teeth are properly aligned.

What exactly does Invisalign do? Invisalign are clear plastic aligners that may be used to straighten teeth. Furthermore, they can be used instead of braces.

Without the use of metal braces, this orthodontic procedure can straighten teeth. Invisalign is a system of custom-made transparent braces that cover teeth and gradually pull them into the appropriate position. They are not as visible as the typical metal braces since they are translucent and can be put on and off.


So, are Riko Shibata teeth-fixing rumors are true? The Japanese actress, on the other hand, has never spoken about it. In truth, Shibata is highly private about her life; other from her date of birth and occupation, there isn’t much information about her wiki or bio on the internet.

Anyway, there hasn’t been much discussion regarding Riko Shibata teeth fixed and before after on any credible sites.

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