UPDATED! Judi Dench Teeth Before and After 2023

Judi Dench Teeth – Dame Judith Olivia Dench or more popularly known as Judi Dench is a famous senior British actress. Fans and followers of one of the England’s top actresses have spread falsehoods regarding her looks.

Her appearance has altered dramatically since her last appearance on the TV show, owing to her increasing age. Judi Dench teeth fixed were a big attention grabber the time, along with her wrinkles and fine lines.

Judi Dench Teeth

Judi Dench Teeth Before After

Has she gone through any dental treatment? What teeth job has she underwent in the past? Those are the typical questions people often ask. Judy Dench has been missing teeth since 2007 and has yet to replace them.

One fan wondered why, despite having a million dollars, she hadn’t fixed her teeth all along. With that, another group of people began researching her teeth and discovered various answers.

The actress who nailed every genre in her career was accused of having a handful of dental enhancements. Her presence at the Oscars in 2022 sparked speculation in the media about what happened to her missing tooth.

What Happened to Judi Dench Teeth?

Fans of the 1990s were also surprised to hear that her front teeth were gone. Her appearance is significantly damaged due to the lost teeth.

Others were overcome with nostalgia when they saw the same appearance as the 90’s celebrity on the show. The Oscars viewers were all curious as to why she hadn’t attended a dentist despite her dental problems and money.

People, on the other side, have praised her for preferring her natural appearance to any type of dental improvement she is capable of.

Judi Dench Missing Teeth

Judi Dench Missing Teeth

On the way to discovering the cause of her missing teeth, Dench stated that it was due to stress on “The Tonight Show in New York.” Chronic stress can create persistently inflamed gums, which leads to gum disease because of the way it weakens the immune system.

The gum damage caused by persistent stress can undermine the foundations that keep teeth in place, harm the supporting bone, and result in tooth loss.

Adrenal glands release the stress chemicals adrenaline and cortisol during stressful encounters to aid the nervous system’s ‘fight or flight’ response. However, while these hormones are beneficial during a stressful event, prolonged exposure to them can have a deleterious impact on memory and learning, as well as increase vulnerability to depression.

Stress has a negative impact on dental health, which is connected to the overall health. That is how stress can cause tooth loss as in Judy Dench’s case.


Judi Dench’s superb acting in those periods and films wowed everyone. Her persona and performance of various incredible parts has earned her her own fan base.

Although the actress has certain flaws with her teeth, as seen in Judi Dench teeth fixed and before after, she has a fantastic personality. As a result, she has served as an inspiration to many by accepting her genuine self.

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