Anya Taylor-Joy Teeth Fixed 2023, Before and After

If you’ve been binge-watching her movies, you sure have questions about Anya Taylor-Joy teeth fixed. You know that her acting skill matches her look. She’s one of the very few young actors who could keep your eyes on the screen.

One of Anya Taylor-Joy’s most prominent features is her eyes and her teeth. Her large, round eyes are capable to look innocent and piercing at the same time. And with her high cheekbone, Anya is easily recognizable in various movies she’s in. Whether it’s a regency drama, futuristic thriller, or documentary, there’s no way you can miss her presence in the movie.

Anya Taylor-Joy Teeth

Anya Taylor-Joy Teeth Fixed

Having a British father contributed to Anya’s features namely her teeth. Yes, Anya Taylor-Joy also had British teeth. Now, don’t think too far and think her teeth to be that bad and mismatched. In her case, Anya Taylor-Joy teeth have a little gap. Anya Taylor Joy had dental work to fix that issue.

She went to get a veneer and have her gaps fixed and less prominent. Anya understands how she will be more in the public eye, and thus took the matter at hand. However, it is unknown if Anya did her dental work during her model days or after she started acting.

Anya Taylor Joy Acting Career

You probably think that Anya Taylor-Joy owes her fame to Netflix’s miniseries, Queen Gambit. The series propelled her name to International fandom. But her story started long before that, as she trained in dance and ballet until she was 15.

Anya’s first taste of professional acting was in 2014. Unfortunately, her scene at Vampire Academy got removed before the release. But she featured in more movies like The Witch and Morgan. And if you watched M. Night Shyamalan’s Glass trilogy you sure recognized her as Casey Cooke both in Split and Glass.

Even so, it was 2020 when she acted as the troubled chess prodigy in Queen Gambit when her name became known. And the adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma tells everyone in the world that this girl with large eyes is here to entertain everyone.

Anya Taylor Joy Teeth

As Global Brand Ambassador

Not long after numerous media outlets call her some of the most popular rising stars, akin to Jennifer Lawrence in her heyday, many calls came to Anya Taylor-Joy. Some of them are from the luxury brands such as Tiffany & co. Dior also jumped at the chance and signed Anya for an exclusive deal.

Being an ambassador for Dior means Anya will grace the red carpet in Dior dresses. But most importantly, she always features the classic Dior red lipstick as her signature look. Many people agree that the red lips suit her look.

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The unique background of her life brings another light to Anya Taylor-Joy teeth (fixed and before after) another thing many people are curious about. Did you know that her father receives an OBE medal from Queen Elizabeth II? And since she spent her childhood in Argentina, Anya is fluent in both Spanish and English.

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