UPDATED! Trinity K Bonet Teeth Before and After 2023

People are wondering (and also asking questions) related to Trinity K Bonet teeth before and after, especially after her latest appearance and performance. From her appearance alone, it’s clearly visible that she has undergone a certain procedure that makes her teeth look a bit different than before.

The focus is more about her teeth, because the entire look has changed her visual appearance, making her not-so-quite the same as before. That’s when speculations start flying around.

Trinity K Bonet Teeth

Trinity K Bonet Teeth Before After

A lot of people say that the actress has definitely gone through major transformations regarding her looks, and most of the conversations are about her teeth. She has gained a major popularity since appearing in RuPaul’s show, but it seems that she has gained even more within the latest months.

Due to the drastic transformation of her looks, people are wondering whether the teeth are real or fake. It means whether she wears them all the time, or during her performances only. Being a drag queen means that you have this personality; a alter ego that only appears on the stage and not on your daily lives.

But until now, it’s hard to determine whether Trinity has the teeth for shows only or whether she incorporates those ‘new teeth’ as a part of her daily look.

Who is Trinity K Bonet

Trinity Kardashian Bonet is a personality; basically, a stage name by Joshua Jamal Jones. She is an American singer, actress, celebrity impersonator, performer, and also a drag queen that makes a headline for herself since she appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race show (to be exact, in the sixth season).

This isn’t the first time for Trinity to weak fake dental. She had enamel previously, and the calcium phosphate stuff covered her entire teeth, fooling everyone as her real teeth.

No wonder if people are wondering whether she is doing the same thing for her current teeth or not. If you take a look at her past photos and compare them to her current images, it’s clear that her teeth are different.

Trinity K Bonet

What Happened to Trinity K Bonet Teeth

Appearing in RuPaul’s music video, the Cover Girl, Trinity flashed her pearly white teeth, clearly making statements that they aren’t the same as before. Some sources confirmed that Trinity has used somewhat dental implants to support her looks and enhance her (physical) appearance.

The actress had done dental implants and teeth whitening procedures before, but not to the point of transforming her looks in a completely different way. Such a procedure shouldn’t be a big deal, but many people say that those new teeth somewhat affect her performance.

Many of them believe that she couldn’t sing as well as before because of those teeth. Unfortunately, there hasn’t any information or even a confirmation from the actress.


Although it’s clear that Trinity has undergone a certain type of dental procedures, it remains unclear what kind of type. And she hasn’t provided any detailed confirmation about it, making the issue of Trinity K Bonet teeth fixed still spiraling on like a wild fire.

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