Dascha Polanco Weight Loss 2023, Before and After

Dascha Polanco weight loss is the main topic among her fans. This Netflix star has been very famous for her wonderful performance as Daya Diaz. It is true that her achievement is not merely her physical beauty, but also her talent in acting.

But, rare people know that she was struggling hard to become an actress. She mentioned that she was suffering from obesity when she was a child. This was why she was feeling insecure. She doubted that she wouldn’t be able to reach her dream.

Dascha Polanco

Dascha Polanco Weight Loss Story

When she graduated from her high school, she recalled that her weight was gaining more. It was such a nightmare for her because she thought that there was no actress with obesity. As she tried to bury her dream, she decided to enroll in a nursing course.

Then, she worked as a nurse for one year. During that time, she soon realized that she still could reach her dream. She decided to change and did something to overcome her weight.

She has proven that nothing is impossible. She started to live a healthy life by exercising and eating healthy foods while joining some auditions. She dared to do that because she wanted to boost her confidence and encourage herself to lose weight more.

This was the beginning of Dascha Polanco weight loss journey. She didn’t want to give up. Her positive mind encouraged her to gain better progress.

As based on some sources, Dascha Polanco heaviest weight was at 230 lbs, but after she did all weight loss program and applied healthy lifestyle in her daily life, she lost around 60 pounds, so Dasha Polanco current weight right now is around 170 lbs.

Dascha Polanco Weight Loss

Never Look Back

Dascha recalled those days when she was really concerned about others’ opinions. She kept thinking that the entertainment industry only pays attention to beautiful, slim women. But, she then realized that she had to prove that she is talented enough to reach her dream.

It took almost a year before Netflix offered a great role for her as Daya Diaz in a series called ‘The Orange Is The New Black.’ It was such a great experience for her as she needed to get a breakthrough. While she kept struggling to gain an ideal weight, she kept increasing her skill in acting.

She has inspired her fans by not looking back on her previous life. Her fans really adore her strong efforts in losing weight while gaining popularity, at the same time. Dascha often shared her diet plan in which it didn’t make her unhealthy and miserable.

Diet Plan

Dascha was also a big fan of fruits and vegetables. It seems that it is the key to Dascha Polanco weight loss journey. Fruit juices become her daily booster as she can feel full for the whole day.

She also avoided fast and processed foods. On the other hand, she ate foods that really could increase her health.


Dascha Polanco often shared some pictures and videos about her regular exercises. It is even amazing to see her daily life as she routinely wakes up in the morning to prepare food for her kids before going to school.

Inspiring, isn’t it? She convinces us that healthy daily habits can really support anyone’s weight loss journey.

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