Daniel Dhers Teeth Fixed 2023, Before and After

Fans of extreme sports must have seen Daniel Dhers teeth whenever he smiles. Yes, this professional BMX rider is also famous for being expressive in the park.

In any BMX or other extreme sports competitions, you can’t see the athlete’s expressions. But that’s not the case with Daniel Dhers. You can always feel the emotion from how he does his tricks and cross around the park.

Daniel Dhers Teeth

Daniel Dhers Teeth Before After

His sport choice is one thing that makes fans wonder about his secret. As you know, professional BMX means hours long of practice throughout the year. Daniel has had his share of broken and chipped teeth.

Understanding that it’s part of the occupation hazard, Dhers opted for veneers as part of his dental work. You can tell that it’s veneer from the light and shape. Dhers sure chose ones that resemble his original teeth. Keep in mind that having a veneer can protect your teeth as well.

If you’re in the same sport as Daniel Dhers, you may want to consider getting a veneer. They are getting more popular and affordable. Several insurances include dental work in their policy, so you may want to take a deeper look at your insurance. Just make sure that you’re not going overboard and choose the most outrageous veneer.

Daniel Dhers and Nitro Circus

In case you don’t know, Nitro Circus is like the name implies. Extreme sports athletes gather and perform for fans and enthusiasts, in a way that resembles a circus. You can see various motorsports and skateboard athletes taking the ramp and doing tricks. Some episodes also feature skydivers and WCMX athletes.

Travis Pastrana is a professional motorsport athlete who co-founded the collective back in 2003 and has been leading the group until today. Nitro Circus started documenting their show for direct video sales. And the popularity lands them the television series on several cables. Today, they also toured across the world and held extreme sports competitions called Nitro World Games.

Venezuelan-native Dhers also featured in several Nitro Circus episodes. He joined Jolene Van Vugt, Chad Kagy, Austin Hanson, and numerous other athletes in the show. The group is still active so you may want to try your luck and check their schedules.

Daniel Dhers

Building a Family Park

Dhers understands he owes his success to his friend and family. Therefore, he built a family-friendly theme park. Dhers called this park Daniel Dhers Action Sports Complex in 2014. This park has both indoor and outdoor parks with multiple extreme sports facilities such as BMX and skateboarding.


So, what do you think about Daniel Dhers teeth fixed? Does he inspire you to get a veneer? Or maybe he even inspires you to go even further and become an Olympic athlete as he is? Keep in mind that Dhers is one of the most popular and highly decorated extreme sports athletes. He may not be a household name like Tony Hawk, but this Olympic medalist is worth your attention.

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