Steven Strait Weight Loss and His Health Condition 2023

What’s so special about Steven Strait weight loss news? It makes a talk among people because his drastic change of his appearance. Strait is an American actor who is popular for his role in the movie ’10.000 SM’.

It turns out that he is also a singer, where he gets a (recording) contract from Lakeshore Records. He plans on releasing a full length solo album in the future.

Steven Strait

Steven Strait Weight Loss Journey

His new appearance makes a headline because he looks different. It’s obvious that he had shed off quite significant amount of pounds. Because of his drastic transformation, people are ‘gossiping’ and speculating his condition.

Some people said that Strait has cancer, which is responsible for his significant weight loss. Some say that he is exhausted, not having enough sleep and eating. Some even say that he suffers from muscle atrophy, which causes him to lose quite a lot of weight.

Weight Loss Transformation

He has been struggling with health and weight issue since 2013. He admits that he has actually been struggling with weight for as long as he lives. He realizes that he is a big man, which makes him uncomfortable. He doesn’t enjoy his body and weight back then, leading to him starting a tight diet plan and also regular exercise.

For Strait, his weight causes issues to his well-being and his health. But since he follows a healthier lifestyle with regular exercise and the tight diet, he starts losing weight.

The weight loss also affects his health in the positive manner. He claims that he no longer suffers from high cholesterol and blood sugar. For him, his weight loss outcome brings positive results for his life, his mood, and his condition.

Steven Strait Weight Loss

Weight Loss Before After

Strait claimed that his life weight loss transformation began in 2017, and he manages to lose 70 pounds up to this point. He implements calorie intake calculation and proportion management on a daily basis.

Then, he makes a gradual reduction over time. His past weight was 286 pounds, but now he is 216 pounds. For his height, his past weight wasn’t negative or bad, but he felt that he was too big and decided to slim down.

Beside calorie calculation, he also picks his food carefully. Cutting off junk food is one of his methods, aside from sugar packed foods. He focuses more on having protein intake because it helps him to feel full on longer time.

In Addition, it helps with his weight loss purpose. Because of his protein intake, he doesn’t get hungry easily. According to Strait, he feels fitter and he also sleeps better.

Besides calorie intake, working out has become a part of his daily life now. He started by walking or jogging everyday for 30 minutes.

Over time, he does it for 60 minutes, and it helps him to stay in shape until now. He combines cardio and weight lifting although he focuses more on cardio because it is effective for significant weight lost effect.


In the end, it’s possible to lose weight with the right combo of exercise and dieting. Strait proves that he can do it, and so can you! If you want to follow Steven Strait weight loss footstep, you should be able to do it correctly. Keep updates, the latest news of celebrities weight loss on

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