Liz Marie Galvan Weight Loss 2022, Did She Had Surgery?

Liz Marie Galvan Weight Loss

It is the journey of Liz Marie Galvan weight loss. Is her weight loss transformation because of diet or surgery? It was revealed after Liz’s before and after photos spread in the media. Check out the changes experienced by Liz in the following discussion. Who is Liz Marie Galvan Liz Marie is an interior designer, … Read more

UPDATED! Coco Austin Weight Loss and Workout 2022

Coco Austin Weight Loss

Here is the story of Coco Austin weight loss and workout, after the birth of her daughter and how she maintains her current body fitness. Who doesn’t know Coco Austin? She is an actress and also as a model. The public also knows Coco as the wife of the famous rapper Ice T. Coco was … Read more

Nina Parker Weight Loss Journey 2022, Before and After

Nina Parker Weight Loss

The story of Nina Parker weight loss journey caught the attention of many of her fans. It is because Nina posted pictures of her amazing transformation on social media. Nina Parker is a celebrity and host of the reality show Love Hip-hop and is best known for her live NBC Access Hollywood show. Nina had … Read more

Beanie Sigel Weight Loss 2022, Is He Sick?

Beanie Sigel Weight Loss

The Beanie Sigel weight loss case is an example that people are often faced with threatening condition before they had a realization about her life. He had to deal with a life threatening condition where he thought he wouldn’t make it. When he made it, he realized that it was his second chance, and he … Read more

Maggie Haberman Weight Loss Story, Before and After 2022

Maggie Haberman Weight Loss

There have been several rumors flying concerning Maggie Haberman weight loss, although it would be pretty difficult to prove. The media persona has been quite busy and occupied with her career, so it seems that she doesn’t use her social media accounts quite often. Moreover, she is also quite private about her (personal) life, so … Read more

Judge Napolitano Weight Loss Before and After 2022

Judge Napolitano Weight Loss

Judge Napolitano weight loss story is a part of his ‘controversial’ life, especially regarding rumors that have been circling him along his journey in life. Andrew Peter Napolitano is basically a legal expert; a senior judicial analyst, if you may who have had long careers in the industry. The man was popular not only because … Read more

Elle King Weight Loss Journey, Before and After 2022

Elle King Weight Loss

People have been talking about Elle King weight loss because the singer and songwriter looks great – and she also looks much happier today. She may not be one of those Hollywood people, but she has her own piece of the American entertainment industry. Elle King Weight Loss Journey Her original name was Tanner Elle … Read more

Deon Cole Weight Loss 2022, Before and After

Deon Cole Weight Loss

People are fussy about Deon Cole weight loss story and example because they see how different he is now, especially when compared to some of his past photos. Deon Cole has a long career in comedy. Being a comedian, the man has his share of achievement for more than 23 years. Deon Cole Weight Loss … Read more