Alison Hammond Weight Loss

In recent years, Alison Hammond has made headlines not just for her bubbly personality and infectious laugh, but also for her inspiring weight loss journey.

The English television presenter, who first rose to fame on the third series of “Big Brother,” has been on a mission to improve her health and wellbeing. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Alison Hammond weight loss journey, from her early struggles to her current success.

Alison Hammond Weight Loss Before After Transformation 2023

Early Struggles with Weight

Growing up, Alison Hammond was never slim. She struggled with her weight throughout her childhood and adolescence, and by the time she reached her 20s, she was already considered obese.

In an interview with “The Mirror,” Alison revealed that her weight issues were tied to emotional eating. “I used to eat my feelings,” she said. “I would eat when I was happy, sad, or bored.”

Her First Attempts at Weight Loss

Alison Hammond tried several diets over the years, but none of them seemed to work. She would lose a few pounds, only to gain them back again. It wasn’t until she appeared on the reality show “Sugar Free Farm” in 2017 that she began to take her health seriously. During her time on the show, Alison gave up sugar and processed foods, and the weight began to come off.

The Turning Point

After her experience on “Sugar Free Farm,” Alison Hammond knew that she needed to make a permanent change to her lifestyle.

She began working with a personal trainer and nutritionist, and together they developed a plan to help her lose weight and improve her overall health. She started eating a healthy, balanced diet and incorporating exercise into her daily routine.

Her Weight Loss Journey

Since making the decision to change her lifestyle, Alison Hammond has lost an impressive amount of weight. In an interview with “Closer” magazine, she revealed that she had lost over two stone (28 pounds) in just over a year.

She credits her success to a combination of healthy eating and exercise. She now enjoys a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats, and she works out regularly to stay in shape.

The Benefits of Weight Loss

For Alison Hammond, the benefits of weight loss go far beyond just looking better. She says that she has more energy, feels more confident, and is overall happier and healthier. “I can’t believe the difference in my life,” she said in an interview with “The Mirror.” “I feel so much better, physically and mentally.”

Overcoming Challenges

Of course, Alison Hammond weight loss journey has not been without its challenges. She admits that there are days when she struggles to stay on track, and that it can be difficult to resist temptation. However, she knows that the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are worth the effort. “It’s not easy, but it’s worth it,” she says.

Maintaining Her Weight Loss

Maintaining weight loss can be just as challenging as losing weight in the first place. However, Alison Hammond is determined to stay on track. She continues to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, and she says that she has developed healthy habits that she can stick to for the long term.

Inspiring Others

Alison Hammond weight loss journey has been an inspiration to many. She has received countless messages of support from fans who are also on their own weight loss journeys. She says that she is proud to be a role model and hopes to continue inspiring others to live healthier lives.


Alison Hammond weight loss journey is a testament to the power of making healthy lifestyle choices. Through hard work and dedication, she has transformed her body and her life.

Her story is a reminder that anyone can make positive changes to their health and wellbeing, no matter where they are in their journey.

Alison Hammond is proof that with commitment, support, and a willingness to make healthy choices, anyone can achieve their weight loss goals.


  1. How much weight has Alison Hammond lost?

Alison Hammond has lost over two stone (28 pounds) since she began her weight loss journey.

  1. What inspired Alison Hammond to start her weight loss journey?

Alison Hammond was inspired to start her weight loss journey after appearing on the reality show “Sugar Free Farm” in 2017.

  1. What is Alison Hammond’s secret to maintaining her weight loss?

Alison Hammond maintains her weight loss through a combination of healthy eating and regular exercise. She has developed healthy habits that she can stick to for the long term.

  1. Has Alison Hammond struggled with her weight for her whole life?

Alison Hammond has struggled with her weight since childhood and adolescence.

  1. What advice does Alison Hammond have for others who want to lose weight?

Alison Hammond’s advice for others who want to lose weight is to find a support system, make healthy choices, and never give up. She believes that anyone can achieve their weight loss goals with commitment and hard work.

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