James Harden Teeth Before After Transformation 2023

Many people are born with misaligned or crooked teeth, of course, this is not your fault but due to genetic factors. One of them was experienced by James Harden who was born with misaligned teeth. James harden teeth now look healthier and neater, so what’s the secret?

James Harden Teeth Before and After Transformation 2023

As we know, the genetic component is often the main reason why someone is born with crooked teeth. One of them is James Harden, who must have uneven teeth with his career as a basketball player. But now, you can see significant changes in James Harden’s teeth.

Who is James Harden?

James Harden is a Houston Rockets basketball player who has won many professional matches. James has a characteristic appearance with a long beard, but many people notice his crooked teeth.

Actually, since his career, James is not too concerned with the shape of his teeth that are not aligned. But the more he matured the more it was seen that his teeth were not in place. Especially when he smiled, James felt less confident.

But with support from the NBA, James now has a better smile with straighter teeth after undergoing a pretty good transformation and treatment.

James Harden Tooth Transformation Story

After feeling it was important to take care of his teeth, James went to the dentist to do his best. The world of dentistry now has innovation, and James doesn’t need to do such complicated treatments because of his very busy career.

The dentist decided to use Invisalign on James harden teeth to align the teeth. Invisalign is also useful for protecting James’ teeth and fixing them without having to use braces.

Invisalign is an aligner made of clear plastic so it is safe to use to align teeth. Usually, Invisalign is used for people who want to treat crooked teeth without having to install braces.

Of course, Invisalign was the most suitable dental treatment for James, especially since the doctor didn’t recommend James use it for a long time. James only needed to wear Invisalign over the summer and his teeth were back in place as a result.

This is what makes James Harden have a sweeter smile and appear more confident with his bushy beard. This dental treatment is very simple without painful methods such as using braces.

James Harden Before and After

The use of Invisalign is recommended for 2 years to repair teeth and make teeth aligned. Even though it is quite long, Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that does not have the slightest pain.

You won’t feel any pain while wearing Invisalign, unlike braces. Moreover, you can remove Invisalign at any time and can put it back in with the procedure taught by the doctor.

James does the same thing, he also doesn’t need to visit the dentist regularly because he uses Invisalign. The result is more durable and less painful.

The cost of installing Invisalign itself is also quite affordable, not much different from braces. You also don’t need to worry about your eating habits because Invisalign is not as easily damaged as braces.

This is what James Harden did to get more aligned teeth and smiles throughout a basketball game.


James Harden is a professional basketball player who now has a better appearance because he managed to make his teeth more aligned. James harden teeth are genetically crooked, with Invisalign he now has flatter teeth with painless treatment methods.

You can also try Invisalign to make your teeth appear aligned with easy treatment and a more affordable cost. James now has a more attractive smile after getting his teeth straight.


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