Show Review: LaQuan Smith Fall/Winter 2013

Show Review: LaQuan Smith Fall/Winter 2013

NYC-based fashion designer LaQuan Smith debuted his Fall 2013 collection ‘Bond’ at Penthouse at Hudson.  This season the designer’s inspiration came during a trip he took to Paris.  Whilst on the plane he watched a series of James Bond films and was impressed by the characters within the movies.  “There is an element of sophistication, edge, strength, and sexiness that these women embody. This season my collection is just a tribute to the women who embrace that.”

As such, pieces in the collection are named after characters from the James bond movies, and one can see the sleek and edgy looks in the plethora of leather and PVC vinyl, lace, and fur-accented bodysuits, crop tops, and dresses.  While working on the collection, he also watched his favorite movie “Boomerang” and was further inspired by Grace Jones’ character: Strange’.  “Grace Jones character in the movie “Boomerang” was crazy/beautiful!  I watched that movie everyday when I worked on the collection.”  

Check out more looks from LaQuan Smith’s Fall 2013 collection in the gallery below and for all inquires or to place an order visit his website.



Photo Credit: Mari J Brooklyn

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  1. Tami says:

    I didnt care for any of his designs this time around

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