Adrienne Bailon’s Blue Tie Dye Dress & White Cold Shoulder Blouse With Bow Tie on “Empire Girls”

Adrienne Bailon’s Blue Tie Dye Dress & White Cold Shoulder Blouse With Bow Tie on “Empire Girls”

Last night “Empire Girls” aired and it seems a few of you were really feeling Adrienne Bailon’s style. Well, how about we won’t even touch the infamous red carpet “wardrobe malfunction” (was anybody else following Dominique Auxilly’s Twitter timeline during that scene? Oh gawd – messy!) but she did have a couple of cute looks throughout the show. So let’s get it!

Reality TV Fashion reader Janine writes:  “Can you please tell me where I can find the fitted blue and white square-print top Adrienne wore when she and Ashley met up with Julissa’s date to grill him? It was long sleeve with a stretchy material.”

Hey boo! Although it appeared to be a shirt, Adrienne was actually in Topshop’s Tie Dye Bodycon Dress.  The pink and blue stretch jersey dress features 3/4 length sleeves and a bodycon silhouette.  She styled the dress with a sleek, oversized chignon, stacked bangles with large hoop earrings, and a pink lip.

Adrienne Bailon Tie Dye Pink & Blue Topshop Dress

Latonya writes: “Can you please tell me who does Adrienne’s makeup for “Empire Girls”? It appears she loves bronzers. I adore her wide-eyed simple look with what looks like a white liner on the inside tear duct area, but it’s just a guess as I’m no professional artist.  Also, who is she wearing with this adorable bow tie shirt? She had a gold pair of sequined shorts but I didn’t get a shot of them. Thank you. This episode aired 7/29/12.”

Hey Latonya! Okay, so you’re asking a few things.  Let’s break it down one by one. Well, I’m no makeup artist either, but I can tell you that the “Empire Girls” looks are created by celebrity makeup artist Joanna Simkin.  She’s the inspiration behind the girls’ beat faces each week, so I’d suggest you follow her on Twitter as she at times answers questions and gives commentary on the ladies’ looks as the episodes air.

In terms of Adrienne’s look, that’s pretty simple to achieve.  Her day began with a business meeting with indie fashion designer LaQuan Smith and she later attended Jay-Z’s star-studded launch party at the Top of the Standard for his D’ussé cognac.  Her day to evening menswear-inspired look consisted of an ivory, semi-sheer open shoulder blouse that she paired with a Lanvin bow tie, sequined gold hot pants, and black pumps.  The reality starlet divulged via Twitter that she was wearing Magenta lipstick by MAC Cosmetics.

Get Adrienne’s Look Here:

Photo Credits: Twitter; My Video Capture

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  1. That dress! Those shorts! I’ll just take both of her outfits and hang them up in my closet!

  2. tami says:

    Cute outfit,like her!

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