Emily B’s Cloud Print Leggings & Pink Giuseppe Zanotti Wedges

Emily B’s Cloud Print Leggings & Pink Giuseppe Zanotti Wedges

This week former “Love & Hip Hop’s” reality star Emily Bustamante instagrammed a photo of herself in a cropped denim vest, blue ruched tube top, and Topshop’s $44 Space Print Cloud Leggings [Fashion Bomb Daily].  She styled her casual spring look with an H&M gold-toned necklace, pink Giuseppe Zanotti Crystal Embellished Peep Toe Sculptural Platforms, and her signature loose waves. Cute!

Get Emily’s Look Here:

Photo Credit: Twitter

12 Responses to Emily B’s Cloud Print Leggings & Pink Giuseppe Zanotti Wedges

  1. angie says:

    shes sooo tacky i cant take it

  2. I like all things pink and these shoes are no exception. Not a fan of the pants though, but maybe that’s because I wouldn’t rock ’em.

  3. raven says:

    plz sounds like a hater up top. The clothes she wears are very hott! this girl has style , this outfit is not really her best but its still cute. She dresess her age too me just because ur a old hag and dont have style dont hate on her. She has the body and the look to dress the way she does its clear u dont know fashion

  4. Kelly says:

    She loos like a damn fool!

  5. Marqui_ Puerto Rican says:

    Uhm… I dont mean to hate but her style is childlike and immature to me. All her dresses from asos and pants suits from asos are 2 sizes too small. She dresses like a kid to me. Evelyn has a nice shape and does not wear all her clothes so tight. Emily has a nice shape as well but she is trying really hard to be that chick…. and its not working. Who told her this was cute. This is tacky all the way down to shoes I dont care who they are by. The banana dress… really??? Now this … She just looks cheap to me. This is not cute for a grown woman to rock tight cloud pants. Please feature Malaysia more, or Amber Rose, Solange, Jennifer lopez, or Teresa Guidice or Dina Manzo… Please there are more reality stars that have fashion sense

  6. I hate those shoes. I hate this entire outfit.

    • MissPhatabolous says:

      Sound like a hater.

      • kat says:

        i never understood why someone has to be a hater just because they express their opinion. i like emily but i hate the outfit as well. so sit ur ass down with ur hater shit n learn the meaning of “expressing someone’s opinion”

  7. Kelly says:

    Everything is NOT for everybody…M, you know you’re wrong, right?

  8. BellaK says:

    I dont like any piece, but the vest this time. *shrugs*

  9. tami says:

    Love the sparkle shoes too cute!

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