Yandy Smith’s Sexy Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Yandy Smith’s Sexy Pregnancy Photo Shoot

A pregnant and glowing Yandy Smith recently sat down for an exclusive interview with The Jasmine Brand to open up about the many rumors and unanswered questions surrounding her pregnancy, her involvement in the new “Love & Hip Hop” Atlanta spin-off, and the direction of her lifestyle brand Everything Girls Love. She showed off her very pregnant belly in a series of intimate photos revealing her growing baby bump. Check out EGL Magazine for the full interview.

Photo Credit: Everything Girls Love

18 Responses to Yandy Smith’s Sexy Pregnancy Photo Shoot

  1. Myladymo says:

    Aww im so happy for yandy..wish her a safe delivery and healthy baby…i thought chrissy was pregnant too?

  2. Subrina says:

    I think Yandy is mature and being pregnant would probably be a plus. I know as black women we can be very critical of each other lets try to send a positive message, because as we know when people know better they do better. It doesn’t matter about the father half of us are raising our children alone anyway. It is sad but it is true just believe that people have purpose, and I know everybody wants the best for themselves.

  3. Ardnas Elocin says:

    Who is the daddy?

  4. ARKelly says:

    Congrats, Yandy…….. You’re going to make an awesome mommy 🙂

  5. Megan Nogood says:

    The only thing looks good on her is her weave. She’s really pregnant, she showed her bare baby bump, Where’s Beyonce’s? The one’s howing bump through her clothes don’t count. Most mothers especially new moms, take photos of their bare belly.Beyonce couldn’t because she was wearing a postetic one.

    • keyshia says:

      leave beyonce alone she had her baby

    • Samantha says:

      Beyonce had several photos of her in a TWO PIECE bikini taken of her while she was on vacation. And like Keyshia said, she already had her baby. Blue Ivy is like 5, damn near 6 months old. Give it a rest.

    • Ms. HotPink says:


      Beyonce is not larger than life, she too can have a real baby!
      I guess you saw the device?

    • Danielle Gomez says:

      I understand what you’re saying. Everyone wants to put her on a pedestal until something negative comes along. She claims to share everything with her fans and wants us to buy her “documentary” dvds but why so secretive with the baby bump? We didn’t want to see you push her out, but those phony pics of you in a 2 piece with a fat gut does not constitute as having a baby bump. She’s not fooling anyone… except the people that are still shelling out money for her dvds.

  6. CHELLE says:

    one word, GLOWING!

  7. With Yandy and Kimbella both pregnant I can’t wait to see the new season of Love & Hip Hop

  8. Ok..so those hands are too dark to be Jim’s. *snickers*

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