Evelyn Lozada’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt Reveals Maserati, Birkin Bag, & More

Evelyn Lozada’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt Reveals Maserati, Birkin Bag, & More

Ever wonder what a day is like in the “real” life of one of your fav reality starlets?  “Basketball Wives Miami” co-star Evelyn Lozada celebrated her birthday yesterday in Miami and she woke up that morning to find that her fiance, Chad Ochocinco, had surprised her with a mystery scavenger hunt.

Chad tweeted Evelyn:  “Happy birthday young lady, you’ll find a small map in the mailbox on where to find each gift. Enjoy the hunt. I love you.”

Evelyn playfully tweeted him back: “@ochocinco I have no idea where I’m going! Toooooooooo excited!”   

Just before getting started she twitpic’d this photo of herself standing before a grey Rolls Royce in the Boulee Harvey Dress [$153] also in grey : “Okay tweeps! Here’s what my boo @ochocinco has me rolling in for my scavenger hunt! Let the party begin!”  The scavenger hunt took Evelyn all throughout the city to retrieve gifts personally hand-picked by her boo.

Chad later tweeted: “@EvelynLozada you’re pretty quiet over there? You get lost yet? I predict “TEARS” and you might faint around 6-7 o’clock.  Enjoy the hunt”

Well, I’m guessing the tears would be caused by the new Maserati sports car Chad bought her.  Upon discovering the car Evelyn tweeted: “My birthday gift from my luv @ochocinco #Maserati. I’m rolling to South Beach tom! Woop!” 

Evelyn spent the evening with her long-time BFF @Spoiledprin from Brooklyn.

While in the car, she tweeted a photo of her birthday shoe game.  She stepped out in Christian Louboutin N°299 Trash Sandals [ $1345] from the Spring/Summer 2012 line.

At the end of the evening Evelyn twitpc’d a photo of her final gift, the Hermes Birkin Bag 25 in Alezan/Chestnut Brown Togo Leather: “1 last gift from my scavenger hunt! I’m so in love! @ochocinco out did himself #Hermes

Seems like a pretty sweet birthday. Very clever and thoughtful of Chad.  I wonder if we’ll see the scavenger hunt play out on the fourth season of “Basketball Wives,” which is currently filming now in Miami?

20 Responses to Evelyn Lozada’s Birthday Scavenger Hunt Reveals Maserati, Birkin Bag, & More

  1. Ann Frank says:

    Enjoy it while it last cause there won’t be any wedding.

  2. lola adams says:

    does anyone know where she got her bodysuit

  3. Okay. So I’m a little jealous right now. What an amazing birthday. That bag and those shoes — *faints*

    But, umm… she changed her clothes half way through the hunt? Why? That grey dress is so dope!

    • yakini says:

      I think she did the hunt in the grey cut-out dress. The black catsuit is what she wore to her pole-party with her girlfriends after the scavenger hunt was over.

  4. Does this stuff really happen! Craze! Cute that he put this together.

  5. tami says:

    Very cute shoes!

  6. Dr. Reginia says:

    They are such a cute couple. I love all of her gifts…nice.

    Dear Ev and Chad, Yall need a play cousin or something right?

  7. AJ says:

    I passed out after the Maserati! Dang, now that’s how you do it!

  8. Smookey says:

    A Masareti, wooooow Ev your ass didn’t faint we gon faint for you (laughing). Oh my Word Pepe is something else, let’s fix him up Ev, you can be Cat Woman ((dying with the laughter). This time the song is from Rhinna, Only girl in the world (smile Ev, ching)!!1

  9. Smookey says:

    Dang, Ochocinco we give you five (5)stars it was a brilliant idea a little different. We love it, Evelyn that car is cute and sexy just like you and we loooove the outfit and the shoes. Your a lucky b@#$h Evelyn, dang girl, this man is really feeling you and we love it. I guess come the year 2012 we are really Jumping the broom. That’s right Ev we gon do this and one time only. The song we are feeling for you right now is from Beyonce and it’s called Halo, enjoy!!!

  10. eboni says:

    I love them as a couple!

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