Time Management Tips: How I “Do It All”

Time Management Tips: How I “Do It All”

In the Green Room at “The Wendy Williams Show” just before my fashion segment

Folks often ask me how I’m able to “do it all” – manage a full-time career (I’m a doctor in a hospital), balance wife and motherhood, and also maintain four blogs. Well, when you’ve got a lot on your plate as I do good time management becomes very necessary in order to get everything done. Today, challenged by my friends at Samsung, I’m taking a little digression from fashion to talk about the ways that I organize my life in order to accomplish the things I’m passionate about. I’ve organized my techniques into three areas very important to me: Family, Beauty, and Blogging.

1) Family

This comes first – always. I have a 1 and 2-year old, and I pour my energy into my two sons during the week days and throughout the weekends. We have lots of fun and, due to various blogging opportunities, are able to take full advantage of the amazing things NYC has to offer. My husband and I are firm believers in making the most of our resources available. As such, our weekends are filled with kid-friendly activities like the circus, movie screenings, and kids’ concerts.

When evening rolls around, however, I am just as serious about the boys’ routine. Dinner is at 5:30 pm and that’s followed by bed-time preparation. After brushing teeth, reading stories, and night time songs, both my boys are in bed by 7:30. After 7:30 I prepare dinner for my husband and then we sit together in the living room and watch TV while I blog. We both have a penchant for reality TV so that’s what’s usually on the tube. He is too funny in that he’ll say, for example, during “Love & Hip Hop:” Did you see what she had on??? I hope you’re blogging about that! That’s what people wanna read! LOL

TIP #1: Set a Routine

2) Beauty

Before my kids came I used to visit my favorite Dominican salon every week for a wash and set. In between visits I had my own, elaborate hair care regimen that I did faithfully. These days, not so much. I’m lucky if I get to the salon every other week, and there’s certainly no time (or desire) to spend half the day there. So before I go I “pre-poo” at home. Pre-poo means “pre-shampoo,” and I actually put conditioner in my hair prior to heading to the salon. It’s in my hair for maybe half an hour or so and, by the time I arrive, my hair is soft and deep conditioned. The stylist washes it and conditions it regularly, but I don’t need to spend the extra 20 minute DC’ing under the drier because that’s already done.

While I’m under the drier I’m busy taking notes on my Smart Phone and working on an informal editorial calender for Style Me Prissy. My calender is “informal” since my blog posts are generally based on what’s happening in current Reality TV Fashion/News… however, I do have ideas about directions I want to take, and there’s no better place to flush these ideas out than under the quiet sanctity of the hair drier. It helps that my phone uses a super fast 4G network, as it’s just like bringing my laptop with me but minus the bulk.

TIP #2: Multi-Task When Appropriate

3) Blogging

Most of my time online is spent updating/promoting my blogs, but occasionally I’ll take on social media gigs outside of my personal online properties. I’m extremely selective about the opportunities I accept. Girls, you’ve got to be. You simply can’t say yes to it all. Here’s how I see it:

Writing Gigs: From time to time I’m invited to contribute to major publications and this in itself is an honor. There was a time when I jumped on such opportunities, compensated or otherwise. Who doesn’t want to see their name and/or blog printed in an established, widely read news outlet? The opportunities this can lead to are invaluable. But these days, a link back and/or blog mention isn’t enough. Original content is golden, and there are many brands and companies who value you enough to pay you to produce such content. These days I opt to pour all my energies into my own online properties, and anyone who is asking me to contribute to their publication must be willing to compensate me for it. By being selective in this way my time remains free for the things and people who are most important to me.

Media Appearances: Over the last year I’ve been invited to sit on the panel of daytime talk shows and focus groups, to lend my insights on fashion, psychology, and motherhood. These are all areas I genuinely enjoy talking about and consider myself somewhat of an “expert” in. However, these shows usually film during the day and would require me taking valuable time off work. So my first question to the producer is: Will you be identifying me as ‘Yakini of Style Me Prissy’? If they are unwilling to give me such blog recognition on national TV than I’m not interested. This is one case in which I don’t mind making the appearance for “free,” but my price is that you will help cross-promote me before your millions of viewers. And if you’re not able to do it, than I can’t either. My time and expertise are far too valuable.

***The exception to this rule (there are always exceptions – in life!) is if it’s a publication or show that I love, on a personal level. Last year I modeled in a segment on “The Wendy Williams Show.” That was one of the coolest experiences of my life. I visited the show’s website, not as a blogger but as a FAN, and responded to an ad to walk in a fashion segment. The producer contacted me right away, asked for recent pics, and then invited me in for an interview. He picked me for the segment and I got to model Winter fashion on stage. So fun! There was no mention of my blog, and Wendy jacked up my first name BADLY – lol. But it was all good. I love me some Wendy and had been dying to meet her for ages. So that was an appearance I happily made, compensation-free, and I’d do it again. How You Doin’?

TIP #3: Prioritize

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Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Samsung via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Samsung.

24 Responses to Time Management Tips: How I “Do It All”

  1. phoenixstar9 says:

    i think the key to life is in time management lmao. Family is important, I like how you not only just kind of worked them into your schedule you put them first. I think a lot of families put the job and other things first and that’s when they start having problems. Great post.

  2. Mrs Pancakes says:

    I’m not a mommy yet and I find blogging consuming so being able to juggle it all is just awesome! Keep it lady and I love that your time and expertise is valuable..because that is so true for sense of self!

    • yakini says:

      Thank you girl! I’m quite sure that once you do enter motherhood you’ll have no problems juggling it all – it’s all about keeping your priorities in order and, of course, getting a good routine down for you and the fam. Once you do that the rest just falls into place.

  3. TBEEEZEY says:

    congrats on everything you’ve accomplished. i love seeing beautiful black women doing their thing! keep it up!

  4. Youre still my idol and super amazing!!! I hope I can do the same when I have my hubby, kids, and my career 🙂

  5. Glamamom says:

    I actually wonder often how the hell you manage it all, and so gracefully at that, so I really appreciate this post. Some people just thrive on chaos. I love that about you!

  6. I often wondered how you managed it all. You make it look glamorous and effortless! You rock!!

  7. Nia/Chic Working Moms says:

    Great tips! I have contributed to sites that I enjoy mostly to gain readers which worked but I’ve found that I gained just as many readers from commenting as giving them free original content. Do you find that to be true? I really plan to get more serious about my site and writing, in general. You are superwoman because you are posting constantly. I need to step my game up. Lol

    • yakini says:

      Hi Nia! I think guest posting in moderation is cool – it’s a nice way to diversify your audience. I was referring more to becoming a regular contributor to a publication that does not pay you. That’s unacceptable! I think I’ve gotten more readers from commenting than guest posting – but I don’t think doing either will bring you huge bouts of traffic. That comes from producing good, quality, ORIGINAL content – it’s what makes people comes and it’s what makes them wanna keep coming back.

  8. Yakini thanks for sharing! I was wondering how you did it all! I am not even on your level and I feel like I can’t keep up! I think time management is so important! I am working on asking for money, crazy how people want you to promote them for free!

    • yakini says:

      Yes, asking for money takes practice but in the end it’s all about being direct and being okay with the person saying “no thanks” and moving on. There are so many opportunities out there, that are perhaps an even better fit, you know? When you start to discuss your fees and what you charge it shows that you value what you do and they in turn value you the same.

      P.S. Got your email about RTR and responding to it when I’m home from work this evening.

  9. Yeah well…. I still don’t get how you do it all!!! LOL. Great tips though. I’m also a busy mom and sometimes I just feel like I have it all together but maybe that’s how we all feel. All I can say is thank goodness for technology because at least I can blog, process orders, tweet etc from the comfort of some devices as I am walking to work from the train station or something. Busy but blessed right?

    • yakini says:

      Aisha, sometimes I dont get it either! LOL!!!! But then, I guess we make it work because we’ve got to, right? And when you have a good routine down it all falls together.

  10. Girl, you hit the nail on the head with this one. Although I haven’t been blogging for years and years, I am right >HERE< with you on this one. Original content, I've learned, is GOLDEN! And I've learned that I'm not producing original content for someone else's site FOR FREE when I could be using that content for my own site FOR FREE. These days, if I'm not getting compensated for it, I'm NOT writing on other people's site. Unless of course, I LOVE the site personally. (There's one site that I love and do contribute to once a month, but I love the work that the Blogger does and feel that I'm helping the mission of the site. Ya know? But other than that, no ma'am!)

    These are great tips. I started making an editorial calendar back in May and it has helped me so much. Now I schedule most of my posts two-three weeks in advance, which helps me to always think ahead. I've learned the powere of working while I'm under the dryer too. Or during my lunch break. LOL.

    • yakini says:

      Right! And you are fortunate in having learned these lessons early, as it took me a little while in the game to get to this place. And I totally think it’s important to support sites that you love (or bloggers whom you love), whether the opportunity is compensated or not. It’s not always about the money but oftentime the relationships. Its only when brands/companies think they can “get something for nothing” from us that I take issue.
      I need to get more organized about my editorial calendar but, of course, when your blog primarily centers around entertainment fashion that can pose a challenge.

  11. Shelly says:

    I enjoyed reading this post because I am one of those folks wondering how you do it all! I do love the Samsung brand and can appreciate the full pull-out keyboard and 4G speed. My Droid 3 has the keyboard but is a 3G. When upgrade time rolls around I will have to check out the Samsung since I am a Verizon customer. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Mimi says:

    Get out of my head! The other day I just thought to myself I wonder how you are able to manage. I am getting better at scheduling. I would like to grow my blog and I know there are some things I need to do but I have a hard time finding time. These were great tips!

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