Mackenzie Fenella Layla Barbie Doll by Byron Lars

Mackenzie Fenella Layla Barbie Doll by Byron Lars

So now that I’m suddenly smitten with mixed prints I wanted to share my latest fun find.  If you know me IRL (or if you caught my fashion segment on “The Wendy Williams Show” last fall) then you probably already know that I collect modern and vintage African-American Barbie dolls.  I’m a NRFB collector, which means that I leave my dolls in the box for display purposes only – and my most valuable doll is worth $695. 
Anyhoo, I was too tickled by the latest doll from Byron Lars’ Passport Collection! Mackenzie Fenella Layla Barbie Doll wears a striped top with leopard print bodice and a red and green tartan skirt.  I love how Byron has combined African-inspired prints with Scottish tartan – brilliant! For even more drama, Mackenzie is rocking an exquisite grey cape lined in green and blue tartan with a red tartan cap over her close cropped Afro. Byron finished the look with a Scottish pouch, white ankle boots, and a deep burgundy lip.
I own six dolls by fashion designer Byron Lars and she is clearly the next beauty I’ll be adding to my collection! Right now the doll retails for $100 but once Barbie Collector has sold out she’ll only be available on the secondary market and, you mark my words, she’ll be going for a pretty penny.  So if you love her as I do, better act now. 

Photo Credit: Barbie Collector via Talking With Tami

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  1. Jasmine Alexander says:

    This Barbie is just so beautiful! I bought her as a Christmas present for my cousins, but also for myself as I am a collector. She’s hands down one of the most beautiful Barbie’s I own. Gorgeous face and hair – very angelic looking.

  2. Tami says:

    In’t she lovely? When Byron Lars sent me one of his Barbies he designed I almost fell out! He is a great designer and located right in NYC! I have several of his dresses and blouses! xoxo

  3. She is so lovely! I think it’s great that you collect these. I have one barbie still in its original box and Aiden is not allowed to go anywhere NEAR it. #RealTalk

  4. osato says:

    ouch so chic! I love it, never heard of this before but I will definitely look into it.

  5. I can’t wait till Peyton starts playing with barbies! I will be playing with her. She will prob get this one for christmas!

    • yakini says:

      Girl, this is an adult collector’s item! *clutching pearls* Start out with some Pink Label box dolls for her (the one’s sold at Toys R Us and Target, etc.) That way she can dress and undress it, cut its hair, and do all those fun, girly things we liked to do with our Barbies when we were young. I think this one is Platinum Label, which is generally intended for collectors. LOL 😉

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