Maya Gate Haile for Factice Magazine

Maya Gate Haile for Factice Magazine

I just love these images of Ethiopian model Maya Gate Haile in Factice Magazine Issue # 7. It’s amazing how something as simple as switching hairstyles can change a woman’s entire look.    

Photo Credit: Factice Magazine via Beauty is Diverse

Photography: Lenox Fontaine
Hair: Vashti Jones
Makeup: Theresa Francine
Styling: Javier Lewis

6 Responses to Maya Gate Haile for Factice Magazine

  1. Right?! I feel like I look one way when my hair is down, another when it’s pulled back, and totally different when it’s up in a high ponytail. And I love the way it brings out my facial features. She looks beautiful in these photos.

    • yakini says:

      I agree! Hair up versus hair down makes a HUGE difference for me. And I also feel 100% better and prettier when I get my hair done, as opposed to when its looking a plain mess around the house.

  2. That styling and makeup is just GORGEOUS!

  3. YUMMommy says:

    She is gorgeous. It’s always nice to see more women of color gracing the covers and insides of magazines.

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