Solange Talks Fashion & Her Personal Style With The New York Times

Solange Talks Fashion & Her Personal Style With The New York Times

Singer, songwriter, and D.J. Solange Knowles recently sat down with The New York Times to chat about fashion, her personal style game, and who her fashion inspiration is. Here’s what the young stylista had to say:

On What She’s Wearing: The pants are DVF, which I wear a lot because it’s easy and comfortable. I love my bright yellow J. Crew sweater. The jewelry is Lia Sophia. The shoes are Alexander Wang. I play around with metallic shoes when I wear prints. It breaks up the busy-ness, and pops.

On Her Personal Style: I definitely gravitate toward prints and color. I love to play with prints on prints, but I try to have a good instinct about what to match. Like, if I have a Pendleton print, mixing that with a tribal African print will give off National Geographic-gone-bad vibes. So if I wear an ethnic print, I contrast it with a bright top, or maybe stripes. Yellow is my absolute favorite color to wear. I also love hot pink. When I match my prints with those colors, I feel it’s a “me” outfit.

On Her Style Muse: Diana Ross is the quite obvious one. If you look at pictures of her in the ’60s, ’70s, through the ’80s, she embodied everything about that era in such a timeless way. Her hair is a whole other conversation! And seeing photos of my mother from the ’60s and ’70s, she was a total rebel with her style. She had extremely fine hair and washed it with detergent to coarsen it up and had this amazing Afro.

Photo Credit: Samantha Rapp for The New York Times

3 Responses to Solange Talks Fashion & Her Personal Style With The New York Times

  1. T. Davis says:

    I think Solange is very pretty, to me she’s prettier than her sister. She reminds me of a young, lighter version of Diana Ross, don’t you think? I mean look at her eyes that’s Diana and Tracee. I love that she dresses for herself and NO one else.

  2. I’ve seen her in yellow quite a few times and it looks so good on her. No wonder it’s her fave color. It’s so nice to see her shine as herself and not “Bey’s younger sister,” although we all LOVE Bey.

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