Lil’ Kim in Fendi at LisaRaye McCoy’s All White Party

Lil’ Kim in Fendi at LisaRaye McCoy’s All White Party

This weekend “Single Ladies” co-star LisaRaye McCoy held her Annual All White Party at an undisclosed location in New Jersey.  The party featured a fashion show and pool party, and several celebs made appearances, including Lil’ Kim.  She opted for a one-shoulder mini-dress with wide Fendi belt and the Fendi patent Crossword Clutch circa 2007.

Photo Credit: All Eyes On Who

What do we think about her look?

16 Responses to Lil’ Kim in Fendi at LisaRaye McCoy’s All White Party

  1. Bika says:

    she does look cute! white always makes tan or brown skin glow. i wonder if she’s wearing “pink friday” lipstick..ahaha!

    • yakini says:

      lmaoooo!!!! now you know good and well she isnt gonna be wearing her arch nemesis’ lip color.
      i agree, white looks really gorgeous against brown skin. aunt akanke’s got the memo… lisaraye’s got the memo…. so does nabu! i need to start rocking more white.

  2. nabs says:

    her face looks really cute. the make-up is very understated, which is nice. her eyebrows, as of late, are still atrocious, tho.

    and i’ve never been a fan of name brand clothing that shouts its name on the fabric or on the item, so i’m not a huge fan of the fendi items. however, the white looks GREAT on her! and i see she has shed her jail weight. very nice.

    • yakini says:

      lol @ shed her jail weight. yeah, she looks so cute and that white looks gorgeous against her skin. i actually love the clutch (with the outfit), but in general im also not a fan of huge logos on apparel or bags.

  3. Tami says:

    I think she looks pretty in her outfit! Go Kim!

  4. osato says:

    she looks great… not sure about the hair but love the look

  5. Ahh…lil Kim what happened to you dear little one! her whole outfit looks good though!

  6. Earthangel172 says:

    Love it! Especially the belt and the clutch.

  7. She actually looks so cute here. very understated for Kim..even w/ the big print bag

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