5 Actresses That Could Replace Stacey Dash on “Single Ladies”

5 Actresses That Could Replace Stacey Dash on “Single Ladies”

I generally try to stay away from reporting gossip and the “news” on this blog and aim to keep it purely fashion and beauty.  That’s why I refrained from commenting even as the blogosphere was buzzing with speculation that Stacey Dash might be leaving VH1’s hit series “Single Ladies” after the season ended.  However, since Stacey released an exclusive statement to Global Grind yesterday, confirming that she is indeed leaving the show in order “to be back in L.A. with my children,” I felt it necessary to break my silence.

Now the question arises of who will fill her shoes?  Who will do her fashionable character “Val” justice?  Will Anthony L. Williams return to the show to style the new “Val”? Le sigh.

My heart is filled with sadness as I speculate about which actress will indeed replace the pretty and talented Stacey Dash.  I’ve seen other bloggers take a stab at it, but I refused to even entertain the notion until it had been made official.  Well I’ve since thought long and hard on the matter, and it is with heavy heart that I present you with my list of who I personally wouldn’t mind seeing step into this amazing role.  Let’s take a look at my top five picks, shall we?

Option #1: Robin Givens

Pretty, sassy, the perfect size 0/2, Robin is my #1 pick.  She’s an older woman with an eternally youthful look and figure, and I imagine she’d be any stylist’s dream to dress.  However, one very important quality she is missing, that I think might be vital to the character and thus rule her out, is the sweetness and guilelessness that is so characteristic of “Val.”  Perhaps it’s because she’s never been cast in such a role, plus the media totally villainized her after her marriage to Tyson, that I’m having a hard time envisioning her in the role. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing Robin put to the test.

Option #2: Lela Rochon

I’ve always liked her, but fell madly in love with her after she co-starred in “Waiting to Exhale.”  Lela is equally beautiful to me and I believe she has that missing “sweetness” and prissiness that Robin naturally lacks. However, since having her baby some years back she isn’t the 5’9″ 130 lb model that she once was.  Mind you, she still looks amazing and I’m not judging her (I’m a curvy girl myself). However, we already have a thick, voluptuous character in LisaRaye McCoy and not sure that the show is looking for another. It really would be great to see her return to the small screen via “Single Ladies” though.

Random Fact: I have a girlfriend named Jessica aka MixedBunny who is Lela’s twin!

Option #3: Jill Marie Jones

She’s cute, she’s feisty, she’s petite but curvy – she’s mostly everything Stacey Dash brought to “Val.”  And we certainly missed her as “Toni” Childs Garrett when she left “Girlfriends” after 6 wonderful seasons. But does she have what it takes to do the character justice?  And, more importantly, what was up with that weird and abrupt disappearance from the show?  I mean, is she a diva or something?  Will she demand more money/bigger dressing room/peeled grapes/chilled champagne in diamond-encrusted flutes in her trailer until she drives the cast mad and ends up isolating herself, as per the Stacey Dash rumors?  I would hate to get attached to a new “Val” only to have another one leave us after the second season.  Despite my reservations, I truly wouldn’t mind seeing Jill take a stab at the role.

Option #4: Vivica Fox

Who didn’t love Vivica in “Two Can Play That Game”?  She was strong, she was beautiful, she was funny, confident, and full of attitude.  But does she have too much attitude to do the role of “Val” justice?  It brings me back to that innocent quality that is so unique to Val.  Despite being a strong, confident business woman Val still manages to maintain this air of naivete that is so refreshing… and I question whether Vivica will bring that to the role in an authentic way.  However, she’s a talented enough actress and the perfect age to fit in with the ladies. I would love to see VH1 give her a shot.  Go Viv!

Option #5: Nia Long

Nia brings beauty and class to any role she takes on – and that’s important to anyone hoping to play Val!  However, she’s a soon-to-be new mama and I wonder if she’d be willing to take on this commitment with a precious infant to tend to and bond with.  We haven’t seen Nia on the small screen in a while and I think it’d be a perfect career move for her, but I question where her priorities are in life these days. It wouldn’t be the first time the joys of motherhood had won out over career in Hollywood.

What do you think of my choices?  If you don’t see any of the above ladies playing a convincing “Val,” which blactress do you envision stepping into the role?

***Keep in mind that “Single Ladies” writer Stacy A. Littlejohn has expressed that she preferred to cast an older actress because she wanted the characters of “Keisha” and “Val” to come with certain life experiences, who can exemplify that with age comes wisdom, knowledge, and eternal beauty.

40 Responses to 5 Actresses That Could Replace Stacey Dash on “Single Ladies”

  1. Loveli says:

    My top list (random order):

    1) Robinne Lee – I actually think she’s a top contender (in my head of course lol) in terms of aesthetic, disposition, and range. She’s a total stunner with a fit body, so fitting/dressing her would be a breeze!

    2) Tamera Mowry – She’s got the ‘sweet as pie’ part down, and she’s gorgeous with a decent shape. It’s an interesting idea…

    3) Garcelle Beauvais – The woman is a knockout! It’d be fun to see her in a role like this.

    4) Jazsmin Lewis – She’s not a huge name, but I think she could carry Val (or a Val-like character) well, and it’s not like it would hurt Black hollywood to opt for someone less exposed and overused. 🙂

    5) Essence Atkins – Pretty, sassy enough to mesh well with the other characters, but sweet enough to offer that hopeless romantic aspect that we all loved in Val.

    6) Keshia Knight Pulliam – she’s not “older” but she’s attractive, petite, has reasonable acting experience, and could potentially fit into the cast dynamic well.

    7) Mari Morrow – Another less exposed black hollywood actress. More a “question”, but there may be potential.

    8) Chenoa Maxwell – haven’t seen her do much in the way of acting since that dreadful movie “G”, but I definitely think she could fit into the Single Ladies cast in a number of ways.

    • yakini says:

      GREAT list!!!
      I especially love that you included Mari Morrow (haven’t seen from her in so long!) and Essence Atkins. Both are beautiful, sweet, and have the “age” factor on their side. I’ve gotta google Robinne Lee and Chenoa Maxwell to see their pics, because the names don’t ring a bell.
      But BOOO @ the rumor of Meagan Good being a possible replacement. I like her and all (I really do), but I don’t see her as Val! *sigh*

  2. Janelle says:

    I would love to see Lela, Regan Gomez or Jill. I would love to see Jill come back. I think Regan could bring the innocence of the character of Val out very nicely.

  3. Sheena says:

    Love my girl Nia Long and all but i would have to say no for all of the picks. I want Stacy to come back. I hate when the cast members are changed. If Stacy won’t come back would say Lark Voorhies or if Maia Campbell had her ish together i would say her too. Hell idk i wish Stacy would have stayed. If they pick someone else it would have to be an actress similar to Stacy tho.

  4. Truth Be Told says:

    Lark Voorhies from Saved by the Bell or
    Elise Neal

  5. Tiffany says:

    Hands down, Nia Long! She is perfect for this role…

  6. Glamamom says:

    I don’t watch Single Ladies so I can’t say but you’ve really turned me onto it. All of these women are so beautiful and stylish.

  7. SiBonita says:

    loved this breakdown!! i’m always gonna be biased in favor of robin (since that’s my twin and all, LOL, don’t hate!!) — but i loved what meka suggested about lark voorhies. lark at least has a similar look to stacey, plus she can bring that naivete to the role that you mentioned earlier.

    ugh, i’m just so disappointed that they couldn’t work out the drama (because i’m not believing the kid thing at ALL; c’mon now). especially since on screen, it didn’t affect the acting or interactions between stacey and lisa raye at all. (cause trust me, i was scrutinizing extra hard for any tension, lol) i mean, i’m sure i’ll still watch, but having stacey back on TV was such a treat. sigh.

    anywhoo, i absolutely love all the women you mentioned in this post, and i would love to see them all back on TV in some form or another..we need our fabulous black actresses working!

    • yakini says:

      I feel the same way! We all know that it’s not about being away from the kids. It’s not like she has to live in the ATL year round to film. They probably shoot a few months out of the year and then get to return home to family or whatever. I’m pretty sure it’s deeper than that…. and it just saddens me cuz, like you said, whatever beef they had online certainly didnt impact the chemistry they all had with one another on the show. *smh*

  8. Lois says:

    Interesting topic

    • yakini says:

      Yeah, figured it was my turn to finally join in on the guessing game, since every other blogger has been tackling the issue since the rumors started. Ay yi yi, I couldn’t bring myself to do it til it became “official” though.

  9. YUMMommy says:

    After seeing Robin on The Game the season before last when she fake married Malik, I’m not sure she’d be a good fit for Single Ladies. While she’s a good actress just something about her wouldn’t really take Val’s character to the next level. Not seeing Vivica getting the role because she and LisaRaye are too similar. Although, she has that same sensuality that Stacey Dash had with the soft voice and facial expressions.

    Don’t think Nia would get the role because I imagine that they would want to start filming right away and unless they’re going to make Val’s character instantly preggers that wouldn’t work. I think their best choices would be Jill or Lela. I wouldn’t even mind seeing Golden Brooks take a stab at Val’s role.

    • yakini says:

      Loved your breakdown!! I agree with your sentiments about Robin and Vivica completely. Great points!
      True, true @ Nia not being ready.
      I also really like the idea of Lark Voorhies, suggested by Meka (below). Funny, I hadn’t thought about Golden Brooks. Interesting/random fact, did you know that Golden’s boyfriend/baby’s daddy is “Malcolm” (Keisha’s boo on the show)?

  10. Hands down I chose Nia Long

  11. Kyla says:

    Jill Marie. She’s a great actress and could pull off the sweet side. And she’s not a diva. She worked on a successful show and wanted to be paid what she was worth. Other successful shows were not only paying their cast more, but giving them substantial raises. Wanting to be paid what you are worth, and leaving when you realize you’re not being valued; should never be seen as diva behavior.

    • yakini says:

      Good points, Kyla! I think she’s a good actress too and seems sweet.
      “Wanting to be paid what you are worth, and leaving when you realize you’re not being valued; should never be seen as diva behavior.” Well stated! I agree with that – and glad to know this is all it was about. Cuz I really had no clue.

  12. I would love to see Jill Marie Jones back on TV. That would be great!

  13. Meka says:

    I am sad to see Stacey go. While I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the ladies listed take a jab at the role. I was wondering where is Lark Vorhees(sp). I think should would be great!

    • yakini says:

      Meka, I totally forgot about Lark! I actually think she’d make a GREAT choice. She’s the perfect combination of beauty, sass, and yet sweetness. If I were to do this list over I’d replace Vivica at #4 with Lark, and Nia would be bumped to #5.

  14. Niqua Moore says:

    I would absolutely love to see Jill
    fill the role although it is very hard to see Stacey depart…it’s so soon. I mean dang we just we’re given a taste
    of what she was offering to the show and it’s over haut like that?!

  15. Kristy says:

    I was never attached to Stacey as ‘Val’ so her leaving won’t affect my viewing. All of your choices are great, however I’d like to see Robin or Nia. I think they will do just fine. In my opinion Jill Marie has never led a cast and I just don’t think her star power will lend to increase ratings. I love Lela in her role as wife and mom. Vivica has been over-exposed. Loved your post!!!

    • yakini says:

      Hmmmm, good point about Jill. And Im also thinking folks may be put off by the way she left Girlfriends.
      I’d love it to be Robin. *fingers crossed*
      lmaoo @ Vivica being over-exposed. Its funny cuz its true. Love her though!

  16. sarah says:

    I don’t think I’ll watch the show without Stacey Dash…she owned that role and to me, was far more interesting than other characters. Its like when the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air replaced Vivian, and when Family Matters replaced Harriet, it just wasn’t the same and I lost interest…makes me sad.

    • yakini says:

      I agree, it is NOT the same when a new character replaces the original. The new Vivian was cool, but it just wasn’t the same…. and likewise on Family Matters. Even as far back as The Jeffersons…. getting a new Lionel was just weird and wack.

      However, if Anthony stays on as stylist, that would compel me to watch. Cuz his styling game is fierce! 😉

  17. I am sad to hear Stacey will be leaving…but family first. 🙂
    It would be interesting to see Nia Long back on the scenes in the show. I would even like Jill Marie too! I loved her on girlfriends, not sure what was up with that crazy exit?!?!?

  18. I would love for it to be Nia Long! But I think Jill Marie or Vivica can bring the entertainment

    • yakini says:

      Yeah, Jill already has a strong fan base since Girlfriends… Im sure folks would love to see her again in a recurring role. And yesssss, Vivica brings it every time!
      Now that I think about it, maybe Nia is a little too boring/safe? *sigh* Who knows!

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