Fabulous NYC Find: TraxNYC.com Jewelry

Fabulous NYC Find: TraxNYC.com Jewelry

If there’s one thing every stylista knows, it’s that your outfit just isn’t complete without the right accessories. The right jewelry and accessories make up a huge chunk of the fun in getting dressed and, most importantly, will set your ensemble off just right. If you’re looking for some fabulous pieces to add to your own collection allow me to introduce you to TraxNYC! They’re very quickly becoming a houshold name and the ‘go-to’ shop for all your custom jewelry needs.

TraxNYC has designed custom pieces for the likes of celebrities Jim Jones, Justin Bieber, Kid Rock, and beyond, and for networks from MTV to Showtime, but expert jeweler Luciano noted in a recent interview with celebrity blogger Don Bleek “… our focus is always on the average, hard working people around the world who love jewelry as much as us. That’s how our business got started, and we will always be working to serve them.” 

Trax NYC Chanel Diamond Lipstick Jewelry

From diamond encrusted earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to gorgeous engagement rings and wedding bands, there’s a whole lot to explore at TraxNYC!  Prices range from under $25 (on clearance) for simpler styles… to $1,000+ for more elaborate creations. They’ll work within your budget and needs to create the piece that’s right for you and yours.

This Christian Louboutin-inspired high heel pendant is every.single.thing. Girls, this could be worn as a charm on your bracelet or on a dainty chain around the neck. Get into that glossy red lacquer sole!

Trax NYC Christian Louboutin Diamond Crystal Shoe Pendant Jewelry

TraxNYC has partnered with Rolex, Hermes, Armani, Gucci, Cartier, Prada, Chanel, and more!  Inspired by edgy street fashions and urban hip, current offerings include (but aren’t limited to!) Miami Cuban and link chains (as seen on fashionistos like Jay-Z and Fabolous), multi-finger rings, Hip Hop pendants, and custom-made Movado watches for men and women, each with it’s own unique diamond touch.

Stacks on stacks on stacks.” Celebs and trendsetters alike are piling on layers of bangles, watches, and other wrist bling…. and these stunners (pictured below) make a fun and fashionable statement for the fashionista who likes to floss just a little bit.

Trax NYC Custom Jewelry Worn By Hip Hop Stars

Trax NYC Custom Jewelry Worn By HipHop Stars

TraxNYC is second to none in terms of quality, swag, and price point, and Luciano the Jeweler is ready to work with you to meet all your jewelry needs.  

Are you feeling it?

If so, check out their Instagram portfolio here and full selection at Trax NYC. If you live in the NYC/NJ area visit the showroom at: 62 W 47th St, Suite 14A-1; New York, NY 10036.  Tell them RealityTVFashion.com sent you!

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/traxnycDOTcom
Phone: Luciano – Your Personal Jeweler: 212.391.3832

Trax NYC Custom Jewelry


All images courtesy of TraxNYC

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